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If You Didn’t Buy It, Don’t Use It!

by Ferdinand Ebio
A Friendly Word of Caution: If you didn’t buy the Wage and Hour Guide for Residential Care Facilities (The Guide), please don’t use it.

You literally have nothing to gain and definitely more to lose by using someone else’s copy.

Here’s why:

  • Every purchase of The Guide is tracked by both 6Beds and Littler Law Firm, so we know who purchased it.
  • Littler administers a digital version of The Guide through their online toolkit and receives a percentage of The Guide’s proceeds, and thus has a vested interest in its use and distribution.
  • Legal use of The Guide and its employment agreements are subject to Littler’s user license agreement.
  • Chances are, with all its complex legal jargon, you may not be using the correct employment agreements, or you may not be using the agreements correctly, thus rendering it null and in-effective.
  • Should you be audited by the Department of Labor (DOL/DLSE) or especially if you are subject to a private lawsuit, your employment agreement and its implementation may be challenged. If so, you may not be able to turn to Littler for help without facing additional penalty fees for using The Guide’s employment agreements without paying for your own copy.

    Having the right attorney in your defense is critical to mitigate any back wages you may owe, liquidated damages and other penalty and fees you may be subject to. Littler is the best there is in the labor industry. They have helped countless care home operators.

  • You may NOT have the most current version of the labor laws and the employment agreements which Littler updates on a regular basis through its online toolkit. An outdated employment agreement may leave you vulnerable to new labor laws affecting employment of live-ins, 24-hour workers and/or relievers.

On the flip side, if you did buy The Guide, then you have:

  • The most comprehensive and up to date labor guide and employment agreements for residential care homes that were reviewed by DOL, that allow you to legally take sleep time credit from your live-ins, relievers and 24-hour workers.
  • With proper usage, The Guide easily pays for itself in the first pay period you implement its respective employment agreements with just one employee, and can potentially help save you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout the life of your care home.
  • Lifetime access to the latest labor codes regulating residential care facilities and employment agreements through Littler’s online toolkit for The Guide.
  • Discounted legal service from Littler as a 6Beds member and owner of The Guide.
  • Access to 6Beds Labor Workshop to help you get the most of The Guide and make proper use of its employment agreements.

Just so you know, all 6Beds leaders and officers who volunteer their time, energy and resources to protect and advance our industry — in addition to paying 6Beds membership — also paid for their own copy of The Guide, no exception.

Moreover, many new care home operators — whose facilities have yet to open for business — are already hedging their operations by purchasing The Guide and using its employment agreements to ensure that they do not succumb to the same fate that have befallen so many in our industry who incorrectly employ and benefit from the savings afforded by live-ins.

Click here to learn more about the Wage and Hour Guide for Residential Care Facilities.

Wage and hour non-compliance is a very serious and costly matter that may one day ruin your business and personal finance, regardless of your business’s legal entity. Most care home operators struggle to comprehend and achieve 100% labor compliance.

Don’t let this happen to you:

Filipino Caregiver in California Wins $500K in Unpaid Wages, Damages

Protect your personal assets and your care home by understanding the labor laws outlined in The Guide and by properly implementing its employment agreements to your respective caregivers.

Do it the right way. Get your own copy and access to Littler’s online toolkit for The Guide.

Either way, you get what you pay for!


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