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DSS needs your available bed space for immediate residents relocation.

As you may already be aware, the wildfires in Northern and Southern California are forcing resident evacuations of affected facilities.

DSS is in the process of pulling lists of available bed space in the Sacramento, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas and will post to their website as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you may sign up by clicking the button below and 6Beds will forward your facility information to DSS.


6Beds, along with DSS, appreciates your assistance in ensuring our residents’ health and safety is the first priority in this emergency.

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URGENT: DSS Requests Input to Latest Draft of Overhauled Incidental Medical Care Regulations

Calling all 6Beds members:

Join our call-to-action phone conference this Thursday, Nov 8, from 2PM – 3PM to review and provide your input to upcoming DSS regulations that will soon impact how we deliver care to our residents.

DSS has requested input from 6Beds and its members to the latest draft of the overhauled Incidental Medical Care Regulations (see topics below) before they are ratified.

As a DSS stakeholder, 6Beds is the only organization representing 6-bed RCFEs to be given a first-hand look at these proposed regulations, as well as the opportunity to influence what the final regulations will be.

In effect, we now have a golden opportunity to determine how these regulations will impact our delivery of care — to ensure that they are both beneficial to our residents, as well as pragmatic and cost effective to our operations.

The topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • When to Call 9-1-1
  • Clarification and Examples of Assistance with Self-Administration of Medication
  • Use of Medication Administration Record (MAR)
  • Recording of Missed/Refused Medication Doses
  • PRN Medications
  • How to release medications that are going outside the facility with the resident during an outing
  • And more!

This phone conference is open and limited to 6Beds members only. Instructions on how you can participate in this important dialogue will be emailed to 6Beds members this Wednesday.

If you are not yet a 6Beds member and wish to participate, please take a moment to join our collective to protect and advance the residential care industry.



George Kutnerian, MS, MBA
Director, Senior Vice President of Public Policy & Legislation
RCFE Operator