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Apr 19 Attend 6Beds Advocacy Day Final Reminder

Join 6Beds Unveil New and Exciting Opportunities in Residential Care While Sponsoring its First Bill:

AB 1437 – Modernizing Regulations

By Assemblyman Patterson & Principal Co-Author Senator Scott Wiener

  • · Health and Safety Code Section 1569.23 would be changed to allow licensees to forgo an additional Initial Certification Training Program (ICTP) if they are a current licensed administrator who has kept up with their continuing education requirements when adding a new care home later than five years since the licensee last completed an ICTP.
  • · Health and Safety Code Section 1569.17 would be changed so that a licensee is not required to transfer criminal clearance when an employee of the licensee moves to another of the licensee’s facilities.


10:00 AM – 6Beds Leaders


10:30 AM – Senator Scott Wiener (D)
(San Francisco and parts of San Mateo)
10:45 AM – Assembly Member Rob Bonta (D)
(Oakland, Alameda and San Leandro)
11:00 AM – Senator Joel Anderson (R)
(El Cajon, Escondido, San Diego and San Marcos)
11:15 AM – Assembly Member Jim Patterson (R)
(Fresno and Tulare)

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

· Complimentary Lunch, Vendor Connect Networking, Live Music
· Unveiling of 6Beds Foundation
6Beds Foundation is a non-profit organization that will create housing and support to Californians with disabilities.

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

· Latest Trends and Opportunities in Residential Care Industry
Learn about 6Beds’ opportunity-filled solution for the housing shortage facing Californians with disabilities (mental illness, developmental disabilities and low income, frail elderly)!


Major Event Sponsor by: VITAS Healthcare

Available Bus Ride to the Capitol
Pick-up Starts at 6:45 AM, alongside Serramonte Blvd, across from Macy’s and Firestone.

From Daly City, bus proceeds to Safeway on Admiral Callagan Lane.


  • (916) 597 – 0388
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Apr 19 6Beds to Unveil 6Beds Foundation, Inc.!

Dear Colleagues,

6Beds Founder, Gina Wasdyke, will unveil 6Beds Foundation, Inc., during 6Beds’ Advocacy Day this coming April 19 at the State Capitol.

6Beds Foundation, Inc.

This newly minted Foundation — an organization independent from 6Beds — will create housing and support for Californians with disabilities. To achieve its mission, the Foundation will look for and obtain funding from both Federal and State agencies, and then partner with qualified providers across California to develop and implement these projects.

Join us to get a first look and talk directly with its founder, Gina Wasdyke, about how you can participate and take advantage of this new opportunity-filled program that ranges from developing housing or providing wrap around support, or a combination of both. The Foundation will serve low income, frail elderly, and individuals with mental illness who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The Foundation will develop licensed homes, day programs for all ages — children, adults and elderly with developmental disabilities.

This is a first for our industry! Be among the first to take advantage of it.

To learn more about 6Beds Foundation, please visit:

For information about 6Beds’ April 19, Advocacy Day, please visit:


Gina Wasdyke



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Apr 19 Advocacy Day Bus Ride and More!

Dear Colleagues,


Let us all once again get together for our Advocacy Day on April 19, 2017 at the State Capitol in Sacramento. This time, we will be supporting 6Beds’ first ever sponsored bill, AB 1437 — Modernizing Regulations. Download the PDF below to learn more.

This event is scheduled from 10 AM to 2 PM. After the 4-hour event, we thought of rewarding ourselves with a short fun time with an exciting, surprise outing! Thereafter, the bus will drive us back to our designated drop-off station.

Looking forward to see you all!


United Coach Tours pick-up starts at 6:45 AM in Daly City, alongside Serramonte Blvd — outside Macy’s & Firestone. Those of you familiar with the location, you can park near the Denny’s Restaurant, close to the gym, or along the street of Serramonte Blvd. Please be prompt. 

A complimentary lunch will be provided. Donation of $25 is appreciated.

We will stop at Safeway Admiral Callaghan in Vallejo to pick up our colleagues from Solano County (Fairfield, Suisun and Vacaville areas).

Please reserve your seats as soon as possible by calling our active leaders listed below.

Space is limited. 


Leni Lacap (Solano County)
(415) 203-5110
Lily Mauricio (Bay Area)
(415) 420-0389

Dorie Paniza (Bay Area)
(650) 799-5722

Angie Marinda (Bay Area)
(650) 219-2421


Angie Marinda
Executive Secretary, 6Beds, Inc.

Apr 19, 6Beds Advocacy DayAB 1437 - Modernizing Regulations

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To all Community Care Facilities (CCF) Serving Californians with Developmental Disabilities

2017- 18 Budget: Analysis of the Department of Developmental Services Budget

Increases in Developmental Services Budget Mostly Due to Caseload Growth, Minimum Wage Increases. The Governor’s budget proposes $6.9 billion ($4.2 billion General Fund) for Department of Developmental Services (DDS) programs in 2017-18—a 3.6 percent net increase over estimated expenditures in 2016-17. Increases are primarily due to caseload growth and state minimum wage increases.

Keeping Developmental Center (DC) Closures on Track Is Crucial Given Increasing Reliance on General Fund and Federal Funding Risks. The state plans to close its three remaining DCs by the end of 2021. As DC populations decline, there are fewer federally reimbursable services provided. There is also an ongoing risk of losing federal funding for the DCs due to noncompliance with health and safety regulations. Given the resulting, and increasing, reliance on the state’s General Fund, it is crucial DDS keeps DC closures on track.

Trailer Bill Changes Intent of Community Placement Plan (CPP) Funding. A proposed trailer bill would broaden the use of CPP funding (which was intentionally designed by the Legislature to serve those moving from DCs), allowing resource development for consumers who already live in the community. We believe funding decisions regarding the development of resources for consumers already living in the community should be considered separately from CPP funding decisions and should be based on a needs assessment that supports a funding request. The Legislature may also wish to weigh in on whether any excess CPP funding should revert to the General Fund or remain with DDS for other purposes.

DDS Falling Behind in Helping Providers Comply With New Federal Rule, Risking Potential Loss of Significant Federal Funding in Future Years. DDS will receive about $2 billion in federal funding in 2017-18 through Home- and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Medicaid waivers. A new federal rule requires states (and service providers) to modify their HCBS programs by 2019 or risk losing some or all HCBS funding. We find that DDS has provided relatively little guidance to the state’s service providers on how to reach compliance and recommend the Legislature require DDS to report during budget hearings on what it knows thus far about the extent of noncompliance with the new federal rule and on what additional resources may be needed to facilitate timely compliance.

Rate Study Should Evaluate Rate-Setting Processes That Adapt to Changes in Policies and Economic Conditions. Last year, the Legislature provided $3 million to DDS for a contractor to conduct a study to examine current provider rate-setting methods and to provide recommendations to restructure rates. We recommend the Legislature make known its preference to include consideration of economic conditions and changes in policy as the contractor develops a “rate maintenance process.”

Complicated Rollout of Service Provider Rate Increases May Warrant Relaxed Reporting Requirements. Last year, the Legislature targeted $169.5 million in funding for rate increases to service provider staff who spend at least 75 percent of their time providing direct care to consumers. Although it made sense to target resources to direct care, associated administrative work has been time-consuming and some providers may risk forfeiting their rate increases. We have recommendations for the Legislature that would ease reporting and enforcement related to these rate increases.

This report is available using the following link:

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Apr 19, Save the Date: 6Beds Advocacy Day at State Capitol, 10 AM

Advance the 6!

6Beds Advocacy Day
April 19, 2017 
10 AM – 2 PM
California State Capitol
N Street and 12th Street, Sacramento CA

Mark your calendars and join your fellow 6-bedders support 6Beds’ first sponsored bill!

AB 1437 – Modernizing Regulations

By Assemblyman Patterson & Principal Co-Author Senator Scott Wiener

  • Health and Safety Code Section 1569.23 would be changed to allow licensees to forgo an additional Initial Certification Training Program (ICTP) if they are a current licensed administrator who has kept up with their continuing education requirements when adding a new care home later than five years since the licensee last completed an ICTP.
  • Health and Safety Code Section 1569.17 would be changed so that a licensee is not required to transfer criminal clearance when an employee of the licensee moves to another of the licensee’s facilities.

Senator Scott Wiener (D)
(San Francisco and parts of San Mateo)
Assembly Member Robert Bonta (D)
(Oakland, Alameda and San Leandro)
Senator Joel Anderson (R)
(El Cajon, Escondido, San Diego and San Marcos)

  • (916) 597 – 0388
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EXCLUSIVE: Exciting New Opportunities in Housing and Residential Care!

Don’t miss out on this first statewide conference call for 2017, exclusively for 6Beds members only, hosted by Gina Wasdyke, MBA (6Beds Founder and Director).

Learn how to survive and stay viable in these changing times with vast available resources that you may not be aware of. Learn how 6Beds can help level the playing field for your care home.

Thursday, March 9, 2017 · 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM


  1. Trends and opportunities in the residential care industry — what types of homes are in need and available funding sources.
  2. Billions of government (State of California) funds for housing projects in the pipelinewhat are the timelines and the opportunities for 6Beds members.
  3. What types of residential care homes are needed, timeline and how much are these big contracts paying? How can 6Beds members participate in these bigger contracts?
  4. What is a housing NPO and why are they getting grants to purchase homes and develop into care homes? Why are some NPOs getting start-up funds to operate care homes?
  5. What is 6Beds doing to adapt to the changing industry to help level the playing field for its members?
  6. The need for critical member participation for the April 19 Lobby Day at the Capitol.
  7. Overview of other 6Beds membership benefits you should be aware of.

Please RSVP on or before March 7, 2017 to receive the call-in phone number and code:

Click to RSVP

This event is exclusively for current 6Beds members. If you are not yet a member, please consider supporting our common cause by becoming a member today (click here to join ). If your membership has expired, please renew it now (click here to renew).

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by George Kutnerian
The SSI/SSP non-medical out-of-home care (NMOHC) payment that SSI/SSP recipients who live in residential care facilities receive, has increased to $1,158.37 as follows:

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) $   735.00
State Supplementary Payment (SSP) $   423.37

Of the $1,158.37, the SSI/SSP recipient is entitled to a personal and incidental needs allowance of $132.  This leaves $1,026.37 as the amount payable to the facility for basic services.

Please note that recipients who have income in addition to their SSI/SSP check (for example, a pension, Social Security Retirement, or disability benefits) can be charged the $1,026.37 amount for basic services plus an additional $20.  Because federal rules do not count the first $20 of a recipient’s income against his or her SSI/SSP grant, an SSI/SSP recipient with other income has an extra $20 that people who receive only an SSI/SSP check do not have.  Neither federal nor state law restricts the recipient in how this additional $20 amount is spent.  Therefore, if the recipient agrees in the admission agreement to pay the additional $20 for basic services, the facility may charge the additional amount resulting in a total monthly basic services charge of $1,046.37.

DSS’ Provider Information Notice regarding this topic can be found here (click to download).


George K. Kutnerian
Senior Vice President of Public Policy & Legislation

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6Beds Vendor Connect Ad Book is Here!

Happy New Year!

As we begin 2017 we’d like to present all our 6Beds members with a gift!

(Click to Download)


This is 6Beds’ first electronic Ad Book! It will hopefully become a great resource for all the many needs that RCFE and ARF facility operators use every day. Please feel free to carefully look at each of the ads. They have been designed and submitted with 6Beds members in mind and provide goods and services at special rates and discounts to everyone in the 6-bed community.

It’s an important step in our growth as an industry to join together. That way, we increase our buying power and make our businesses stronger and more profitable.

Let us know what you think. We love to hear from our members and carefully consider all of your comments and suggestions.

Have a great 2017!

6Beds Board of Directors

Gina Wasdyke, MBA
RCFE & ARF Operator

Ron Simpson, MBA, PhD
RCFE Operator

Bruce Winstead, Esq
RCFE Operator

George Kutnerian, MBA, MS
RCFE Operator

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Call to Action: Dec 8 Emergency Meeting for Sac County Providers Serving Mental Illness

Housing First!


When: December 8, 2016 (Thur)
Time: 10 AM – 12 PM
Where: 24988 Blue Ravine Road, Suite 100A, Folsom CA 95630
(6 Doors to the left of the newly opened Ranch 99 in Folsom)
Contact: Gina Wasdyke
(916) 505 – 0128


  1. The problem: Continuing closures of Sacramento County homes serving low income residents with mental illness, many of whom are veterans.
  2. Challenges: Very low reimbursement/funding.
  3. Proposed solutions: Ask State, Federal, and County to provide financial support/subsidies to mental illness homes/residents to keep these homes open.
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Attend Dec 15 6Beds Christmas Party with Senator Scott Weiner


Cordially invites you to its

Annual Christmas Party
& Introduction of Our Newly Elected State Senator,
Scott Weiner

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Join us for an evening of celebration, networking,
music, dinner and dance.

Grosvenor Hotel
(Windsor Function Hall)
380 South Airport Blvd. South San Francisco, CA 94080
Great Western Cook-Out Dinner Buffet

MUSIC BY DJ: Bong Maramba Jr.
ATTIRE: Formal



Dorie Paniza • 650.799.5722 •
Olivia Deanda • 650.787.9742 •
Lillie Mauricio • 415.420.0389 •

6Beds, Inc. • PO Box 5423 • South San Francisco, CA 94083