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CCL Announces the Launch of Provider Information Notices (PINs)

by George Kutnerian
On October 21, 2016, Community Care Licensing (CCL) announced the launch of Provider Information Notices (PINs), which it will use moving forward to formally communicate to CCL-licensed facilities.

On the homepage for CCL, you will find the link to the Provider Information Notices (PIN) at the top of “Featured Information.”  These notices will also be available by selecting the “Tools/Resources” tab and then “Information Releases.”

PIN 16-01-CCLD is for all Community Care Licensed Providers and it provides an overview of the PIN process.  PIN 16-01-ASC is specifically for Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs) and it releases an updated Medication Guide for RCFEs to use as a resource. PIN 16-02-ASC addresses the protection of residents in RCFEs during flu season.

If you are a licensee and CCL has a contact email for you, you may have already received an email notifying you of the launch of PINs.  However, to ensure that everyone has current information, we will announce individual PINs as we are made aware of them by CCL.

Best Regards,
George Kutnerian
Senior Vice President – Public Policy & Legislation