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EXCLUSIVE: Exciting New Opportunities in Housing and Residential Care!

Don’t miss out on this first statewide conference call for 2017, exclusively for 6Beds members only, hosted by Gina Wasdyke, MBA (6Beds Founder and Director).

Learn how to survive and stay viable in these changing times with vast available resources that you may not be aware of. Learn how 6Beds can help level the playing field for your care home.

Thursday, March 9, 2017 · 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM


  1. Trends and opportunities in the residential care industry — what types of homes are in need and available funding sources.
  2. Billions of government (State of California) funds for housing projects in the pipelinewhat are the timelines and the opportunities for 6Beds members.
  3. What types of residential care homes are needed, timeline and how much are these big contracts paying? How can 6Beds members participate in these bigger contracts?
  4. What is a housing NPO and why are they getting grants to purchase homes and develop into care homes? Why are some NPOs getting start-up funds to operate care homes?
  5. What is 6Beds doing to adapt to the changing industry to help level the playing field for its members?
  6. The need for critical member participation for the April 19 Lobby Day at the Capitol.
  7. Overview of other 6Beds membership benefits you should be aware of.

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by George Kutnerian
The SSI/SSP non-medical out-of-home care (NMOHC) payment that SSI/SSP recipients who live in residential care facilities receive, has increased to $1,158.37 as follows:

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) $   735.00
State Supplementary Payment (SSP) $   423.37

Of the $1,158.37, the SSI/SSP recipient is entitled to a personal and incidental needs allowance of $132.  This leaves $1,026.37 as the amount payable to the facility for basic services.

Please note that recipients who have income in addition to their SSI/SSP check (for example, a pension, Social Security Retirement, or disability benefits) can be charged the $1,026.37 amount for basic services plus an additional $20.  Because federal rules do not count the first $20 of a recipient’s income against his or her SSI/SSP grant, an SSI/SSP recipient with other income has an extra $20 that people who receive only an SSI/SSP check do not have.  Neither federal nor state law restricts the recipient in how this additional $20 amount is spent.  Therefore, if the recipient agrees in the admission agreement to pay the additional $20 for basic services, the facility may charge the additional amount resulting in a total monthly basic services charge of $1,046.37.

DSS’ Provider Information Notice regarding this topic can be found here (click to download).


George K. Kutnerian
Senior Vice President of Public Policy & Legislation