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6Beds Lifestyle: 6 Simple Things to Do to Live Longer

by Jack Rein
The 6Beds community has a very special responsibility; to care for and maintain the health of all of our residents. But good health has to start with YOUR good health, right? So in the spirit of renewal that comes when the season changes, and having approached and passed a milestone birthday on the part of the writer (The Big 6-0) here is what a little basic research on the subject of living a longer, happier and healthier life.

They can be broken down into 6 simple one-word summaries: Feet, Fingers, Forks, Sleep, Stress and Love.


Now, there are those of you who will quit right about…well….now. I can almost hear you say “OK. Tell me something I don’t know.” Well, bear with me for a few minutes and check out the simple reasoning behind these straightforward suggestions.

  1. Feet
    Get on them a little more. Exercise a little. I know. I just heard you utter an audible grunt. But look, walk, throw a ball against a wall, plug in a yoga video and spend 15 minutes stretching. Hold your spouse’s hand and go around the block. Take a tango lesson. Have some fun. I can hear you saying it now. “But I work hard as it is.” Just get off your butt! Capice?
  2. Fork
    Eat better. Of course, treat yourself with a greasy cheeseburger or a pizza, but just once a month. Buy some fresh fruit. Get a whole-grain muffin with honey, make dinner 3 times a week and, for heaven’s sake, read a label or two. Put less junk in your body and your body will thank you later.
  3. Fingers
    Don’t pick up a cigarette or a vape pen or a cigar. Expand your lungs with AIR. Simple, huh?
  4. Sleep
    Don’t fight it. Get as much as you can! I know that we work in challenging and sometimes sleep-deprived settings. It’s OK. Learn to relax. Sleep will affect your psychology, your immunology and your physiology. Good sleep makes you stronger and more able to cope with stressful situations.
  5. Stress
    RELAX. Are you a little too uptight? Need a little primal scream therapy? How about a vacation? Lessening stress will affect your hormonal balance, your neurological health and lower inflammation in your muscles and joints. Remember that Tango Class I mentioned above? Do it! Excersize is a wonderful way to work off a little aggression.
  6. Love
    So… got family? Got friends? Got a social life/structure? Those of us that have love in our lives have been clinically proven to be less vulnerable to chronic disease and earlier-than-expected death. Love is truly a ‘many splendored thing’. It sounds so easy, but how many of us know someone who is miserable, unhappy or victimized? Hug someone, right now. Call mom or dad and tell them that you love them. If you’re lucky they’ll tell you they love you back. Then, you’ll be on your way to living forever. Keep up the great work!
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First Increase in a Decade to State SSP Portion of the SSI/SSP Grant

by George Kutnerian
Effective January 1, 2017, the state SSP portion of the SSI/SSP grant will receive a cost-of-living increase equivalent to the increase in the California Necessities Index, which is 2.76 percent.  This increase would mark the first State SSP increase in more than a decade.

California, home to almost 20% of the nation’s SSI population, has long relied on 6-bed residential care facilities to provide housing and care for SSI/SSP recipients, among which are primarily the elderly and adults with disabilities, including those with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses.

The disparity between the capped SSI/SSP rate and the median market rate has grown to become a gaping chasm over the years, with the SSI/SSP board and care rate failing to keep up with the rapidly rising housing and operating costs that California’s small 6-bed residential care facilities face.

The 2.76% increase to the State SSP portion of the SSI/SSP grant, the first such increase in more than a decade, has been long overdue and is a step, albeit a very modest one, in the right direction.  6Beds recognizes that much more will have to be done to sustain the small 6-bed residential care facilities that care for SSI/SSP recipients and will continue to advocate on their behalf.

Best Regards,

George Kutnerian, M.S., MBA
Senior Vice President of Public Policy & Legislation

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2-Year Celebration Highlights 6Beds Accomplishments and Visionaries

by Jack Rein
On August the 27th, 6Beds leaders and members gathered at the Embassy Suites Waterfront Hotel in Burlingame to celebrate the culmination of 2 years of hard work and the successful political and operational establishment of the organization as a force in the RCFE and ARF community.


Led by Gina Wasdyke and Olivia DeAnda — who headed the organizational committee of volunteers — 6Beds members and 6Beds VC members met during the day to discuss the Wage and Hour Guide for Residential Care Facilities. Presenters included opening remarks by Board Member, Dr. Ron Simpson, followed by Board Member, George Kutnerian, who delivered an illuminating presentation on 6Beds policy and legislative updates. Representatives from the DOL and the DDS gave us their insights on issues relating to personnel and regulatory changes that affect RCFE and ARF operators.

The day conference and the evening gala was attended by more than 500 care homeowners and vendors. The evening gala enjoyed a festive and well-earned evening of dinner, music and dancing in the elegant setting of the hotel’s Ambassador Ballroom.

Highlights of the party included awards to more than 15 outstanding members who have provided incredible service over many decades to the cause of providing personalized, loving care to thousands of residents.

Our 2016 Caregiver of the Year Award was presented with tremendous applause to Flordeliza Pascua for a lifetime of service to the elderly and adults with developmental disabilities and mental illness. We cannot begin to express our gratitude to Flordeliza for her incredible dedication and perseverance. The award was one of the highlights of the night!

Other honorees included Eufemia Romero Abaya, Lucy Romero Nicario and Elvira Romero in recognition of more than 50 years of service to the frail and the elderly and adults with developmental disabilities.

Our 30 Year Honorees were Greg and Diana Hernandez (ARF-DD) and Carmelita Pineda (ARF-MI). Other 30 Year Service Awards were presented to Fernando and Lorna Farol, Ovanes and Nazeli Kutnerian and Patrick and Carole Nobis (RCFE).

The city was well represented and plaques of appreciation were presented by San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener, Daly City Vice-Mayor David Canepa and Daly City Council Mike Guingona. Other political luminaries included Assembly Member Kevin Mullin, who provided Certificate of Recognition to Honorees.

The keynote speaker at the gala was former California State Assemblyman Robert Wesley Naylor, one of the key members of 6Beds successful and ground-breaking lobbying effort in Sacramento. His upbeat message was a simple one: The RCFE and ARF communities are growing, getting stronger, and the future is extremely bright.

Keynote speaker – Robert Naylor (6Beds Lead Lobbyist)

Special thanks for this informative day and fabulous night has to go to the Event Committee: Lillie Mauricio, Olivia DeAnda, Angelita Marinda, Dorie Paniza, Menchu Montilla, Ines Otbo, Nestor Uy, Imelda Eusebio, Leni Lacap and Gina Wasdyke. Thanks for all of the hard work, persistence and expertise!

Ferdie Ebio, 6Beds Chief of IT and Multimedia, immortalized the entire day with video and pictures, and they can be seen here.

There is so much to be thankful for and so much work left to do. The “deep breath” that we all took on August 27th showed us the value of intelligent, persistent effort. 6Beds, Inc., now stands as one of the premiere RCFE and ARF organizations in the Western Unites States, due in no small part, to the daily striving for excellence from our Board of Directors, our 6Beds officers, our key position officers, our area leaders and, most importantly, the excellence of our unparalleled members!

In photo – 6Beds, Inc., Board of Directors and officers L-R Olivia de Anda, George Kutnerian, Jack Rein, Cinty Minnery, Ines Otbo, Roxanne Gould (6Beds Lobbyist), Gina Wasdyke, Ron Simpson, Robert Naylor (Keynote speaker)

Bravo! Thank you! Together, we are looking forward to a great future!

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First Ever Rate Increase for Assisted Living Waiver Program

by George Kutnerian
California’s new budget will provide for an increase in funding for the Home and Community Based Services waiver programs, which includes the Assisted Living Waiver Program.

The budget will provide for an estimated $7.1 million from the State’s General Fund and an estimated $5.1 million in federal funds, reflecting increased costs in Home and Community Based Services waiver programs and long-term care facilities rate add-ons.

The specific provider rate increase for the Assisted Living Waiver Program has not yet been determined, but increased rates should take effect on January 1, 2017 and we expect the new rates to be announced sometime in the 4th quarter of this year.

The much needed and long overdue provider rate increase would be the first rate increase the Assisted Living Waiver Program has received since its inception as a pilot program in 2006 when it began serving Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Joaquin counties.

The primary goal of the Assisted Living Waiver Program is to enable low-income, Medi-Cal eligible seniors and persons with disabilities, who would otherwise require nursing facility services, to remain in or relocate to the community.  The program was approved by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare and is currently in the midst of its second five-year waiver that will run until February 28, 2019, by which time we expect that another five year waiver renewal will be approved.  The Assisted Living Waiver Program currently operates in 14 counties throughout the State.

6-bed RCFEs and ARFs play an important role in the Assisted Living Waiver Program and 6Beds will continue to keep its members and followers apprised of new information pertaining to the provider rate increase.

Best Regards,

George Kutnerian, M.S., MBA
Senior Vice President of Public Policy & Legislation

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6Beds VC: Staying Mobile

Brought to You by Santa Margarita Ford.


by Jack Rein
There is a growing need in the RCFE and ARF community to do more for residents — especially when it comes to making certain that they remain an active part of the community. Whether it’s the need to make a doctor’s appointment, to get to a community center, or simply going to see a movie — making the decision on how to get them there can be a big problem.

To that effect, we are very pleased to welcome a new preferred vendor to our organization, Santa Margarita Ford. They have been part of the fabric of the Southern California community for 19 years and consistently receive some of the highest marks for customer satisfaction in the automotive retail industry.

Santa Margarita Ford is home to Jon Jacobs, one of the moving forces in the industry who helped create the program for RCFE and ARF operators to lease or purchase specially-customized vehicles. His partner, Tony Merten, is a recent addition to the Santa Margarita Ford Mobility Team. Tony has been in the commercial vehicle business for over 20 years and brings with him a wealth of technical knowledge that can truly solve some of life’s unique challenges.

The Santa Margarita Ford vans and SUV’s help to serve the elderly with a wide range of personal mobility. Whether they are wheelchair-bound, need help walking, or simply desire safe and easy transportation, these vehicles provide the opportunity to make a variety of appointments and social events that they would otherwise not be able to attend.

  • Need a wheelchair lift? Check.
  • Need adjustable seats for easy in and easy out? Got that.
  • Need a vehicle that works for the multiple purposes that is efficient and cost-effective? Got that too!
  • How about a vehicle that I can get a tax break on?
    Santa Margarita Ford can show you several different ways of making your purchase or lease make great financial sense and increase the value of your operation.

Santa Margarita Ford has programs that work throughout California and assures 6Beds members that there are no geographic boundaries — a state-wide reach that is unmatched in the industry.

We invite you to call Jon Jacobs and Tony Merten at Santa Margarita Ford and talk about your resident’s special needs. Here’s their contact information:

Jon Jacobs
Mobility Manager

Tony Merten
Fleet Manager

Santa Margarita Ford
(888) 589-1551

As always, we invite you to support our Vendors and to write about your experiences with them. If you have a specific comment, suggestion or contribution to our blog, just let us know.

Welcome Jon, Tony and Santa Margarita Ford!