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CCL To Make Significant Changes to Inspection Process – 6Beds Calling for Greater Consistency and Transparency

by George Kutnerian
Community Care Licensing (CCL) has announced that it intends to make significant changes to the inspection process in an effort to improve the effectiveness and quality of that process.  6Beds has been invited by CCL to provide feedback on how its new inspection process vision gets implemented in the field.  6Beds is stressing that the new inspection process be more consistent and transparent.

6Beds attended a first meeting with CCL in December, 2017 and will be attending a second meeting with CCL in March, 2018 to further discuss the rollout of the inspection process.  CCL anticipates piloting the new inspection process this spring and 6Beds will provide updates as more information becomes available.

Best Regards,
George K. Kutnerian
Senior Vice President
Public Policy & Legislation
6Beds, Inc.