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Types of Legally Classified Caregivers

Types of Legally Classified Caregivers

If you employ live-ins or are exploring the benefits of live-ins, there are several types of legally classified caregivers that allow you to deduct compensable sleep time and other off-duty hours from employees who reside in your facility.

Each has its own costs and benefits, and legal requirements.

They are:

  • 24-Hour Worker
  • Permanent Live-in
  • Extended Live-in
  • Reliever

Unless you legally classify your residing employee as one of the above, you cannot legally deduct compensation for their sleep time and other off duty hours. This can potentially lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in owed back wages, liquidated damages, and penalties in the face of an audit or class-action lawsuit.


Download the PDF file below which contains a table that summarizes the required criteria to legally classify your caregivers as live-ins, relievers or 24-hour workers and their respective excludable compensable work hours.

Please note, this document only provides an overview. Consult with experienced labor and employment law counsel for specific guidance.

Download PDF -Types of Legally Classified Caregivers

You may also purchase The Wage and Hour Guide for Residential Care Facilities which contains what you need to know and the employment agreements you need to legally classify your caregivers.

Wage and Hour Guide for Residential Care Facilities

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*Please note, contents of this blog are not intended to be legal advice.