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6Beds Hosts Nation’s First Ever DOL and DLSE Joint Training

6Beds hosted a member-only joint training session provided by the Federal Department of Labor (DOL) and State Department of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE), last Tuesday, August 18, 2015 at the South San Francisco Women’s Club in South San Francisco (click here to watch Balitang America’s segment).  This was the first joint training hosted by both labor departments — not just in our industry — but in all industries throughout the nation.

Gina Wasdyke, 6Beds Founder and Legislative Director, and Michael Eastwood, Assistant District Director of Wage and Hour, had been working on an outreach program to help educate care home owners on wage and hour.  Eventually, with the support of Julie Sue, Labor Commissioner, and Benny Cheng, Regional Manager, DLSE , the joint labor training was formalized.  The seasoned trainers were Lilita Hom, Wage and Hour Investigator of DOL and Merly Heras, Deputy Labor Commissioner 1 of DLSE. The atmosphere was relaxed, open and comfortably candid. Question and answers were supposed to be at the end of the training, but the care home owners had so many pressing questions that the presentation was often interrupted.

The first joint training was so successful that the DOL and DLSE will bring a similar training session to Southern California.

Many care home owners who attended the joint training left with a wealth of information, but the biggest challenge they now face is how to implement the nuances of these labor laws.  Fortunately, 6Beds in collaboration with Littler Mendelson — the top labor law firm in the nation — created a solution, The Wage and Hour Guide for Residential Care Facilities in California (The Guide).

The Guide is an online toolkit — administered by Littler Mendelson — that provides over 40 pages of detailed and up-to-date summary of federal and California law to help residential care facilities keep track of and comply with complex wage-and-hour regulations. Not only did Littler bridge federal and state labor laws in a simple-to-understand material, but it also included court cases that impacts these labor laws. However what most will find invaluable is that The Guide contains DOL-vetted employment agreements for live-in and live-out caregivers including 24 hour shifts.  A timesheet that meets the more stringent California labor guidelines is also included in the Guide.

That being said, The Guide is the only wage and hour guide in our industry that was reviewed and has received valuable input by high level officials from the DOL prior to its launch.

Click here to get your access to The Guide, now!

The Guide will help protect your facility from costly random audits, employee complaint-based audit and private lawsuit.


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Potential Admission — DSS Relocating 29 Residents by this Saturday, August 22nd

Dear 6-bed operator,

The Department of Social Services (DSS) is looking to relocate up to 29 residents by this Saturday, August 22nd, from a 42 bed residential care home in Salinas, California, that is soon to close. The facility serves residents with mental illness and on SSI. The facility’s address is:

Colonial Manor
645 Williams Road
Salinas, CA 93905

If any of you are interested in evaluating residents for potential admission, please contact Bob Chirico, Regional Manager at(408) 324-2129 or Vivien Helbling, Licensed Program Manager at (408) 324-2125.


6Beds Board of Directors
Gina Wasdyke, MBA
Ron Simpson, MBA, PhD
Bruce Windstead, Esq.
George Kutnerian, MS, MBA

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NorCal Celebrates 6Beds’ 1-Year Anniversary!

6Beds is Turning 1!

NorCal Celebration

AUGUST 18, 2015   4 PM – 6 PM

South San Francisco Women’s Club

470 Grand Avenue
South San Francisco, CA 94080

  • Missed out on 6Beds’ 1-year birthday bash in SoCal?
  • Want to network with 6Beds leaders and your fellow 6-bed operators?
  • Have questions about 6Beds’ meteoric rise and its future agenda?
  • Or interested in learning more about the latest state-of-the-art, Wage and Hour Guide for Residential Care Facilities or about the Trailer Bill aimed to adapt federal and California labor laws to our 6-bed industry?

Join us this coming Tuesday, August 18, 2015, as we host 6Beds’ 1-year birthday celebration in the Bay Area, together with its key leaders from throughout California.

This is your chance to get to know your 6Beds organization and network with its leaders — who are on the cutting edge, shaping our 6-bed residential care industry to come. Come prepared with your questions and ideas of how we can all work together to achieve what no organization before us has ever done in our industry.

We look forward to see you!

Please RSVP via our Eventbrite event registration page. It’s FREE!



3:30 PM Registration
Olive Deanda, Menchu Montilla, Dorie Paniza,
Angie Marinda, Elizabeth Hengstler, Ines Otbo
4:00 PM Welcome
Dorie Paniza
6Beds NorCal – San Francisco Bay Area Vice President
4:05 PM 6Beds Accomplishments
Ron Simpson, MBA, PhD
SoCal President and Compliance and Education Director
4:15 PM 6Beds Evolution and Lobbying California State Capitol
Gina Wasdyke, MBA
6Beds Founder and Legislative Director
4:20 PM Importance of An Organization
Elpie Termulo, MBA
6Beds SoCal Leader
4:25 PM Strength in Numbers
Angie Marinda
6Beds Secretary
4:30 PM Partnering with Community and Vendors
Ines Otbo
6Beds Socal Vice President
4:35 PM 6Beds Fiscal Accountability and Transparency
Olive Deanda
6Beds Chief Financial Oficer
4:40 PM Communicating with Members
Elizabeth Hengstler
6Beds Vice-Chair of Communications Committee and SoCal Vice President
4:45 PM 6Beds Strategic Plan (Trailer Bill, Labor Compliance Guide) and the Importance of 6Beds Political Action Committee (PAC)
George Kutnerian, MS, MBA
6Beds Director, Co-Chair of Legislative Committee and PAC Chairman
5:05 PM 6Beds Milestone Video
5:25 PM Networking
6:00 PM Thank You!
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Get the Wage and Hour Guide for Residential Care Facilities in California.

This online toolkit provides a detailed and up-to-date summary of federal and California law to help residential care facilities keep track of and comply with complex wage-and-hour regulations. Residential care facilities have been under increased scrutiny in recent years, particularly in the area of wage and hour compliance. To complicate matters, federal and state laws and regulations continue to evolve at breakneck speed. This toolkit — co-authored by Littler attorneys Alecia W. Winfield, Tammy D. McCutchen (former U.S. Wage & Hour Administrator), and Ashley J. Brick — provides:

  1. detailed guidelines that keep pace with these legislative, regulatory, and judicial developments, and
  2. includes answers to Frequently Asked Questions, as well as
  3. state-of-the-art sample forms and agreements to help residential care facilities remain in compliance with the ever-changing nature of wage and hour law.

A tutorial video also accompanies The Guide to help you better understand how to put The Guide to use (coming soon).


Please note, you must be a 6Beds member to purchase and access the Wage and Hour Guide for Residential Care Facilities in California. Not a member of 6Beds, yet? 6Beds membership begins at $50/month (1 year membership required). Click here to join, now.

As of its publication, The Guide has received favorable reviews by the Federal Department of Labor. Authored by the best labor law firm in the nation that meets both federal and California labor laws — The Guide will help you lower your risks from a costly lawsuit or random or complaint-based audit!

Click here to get The Guide, now!