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Get the Wage and Hour Guide for Residential Care Facilities in California.

This online toolkit provides a detailed and up-to-date summary of federal and California law to help residential care facilities keep track of and comply with complex wage-and-hour regulations. Residential care facilities have been under increased scrutiny in recent years, particularly in the area of wage and hour compliance. To complicate matters, federal and state laws and regulations continue to evolve at breakneck speed. This toolkit — co-authored by Littler attorneys Alecia W. Winfield, Tammy D. McCutchen (former U.S. Wage & Hour Administrator), and Ashley J. Brick — provides:

  1. detailed guidelines that keep pace with these legislative, regulatory, and judicial developments, and
  2. includes answers to Frequently Asked Questions, as well as
  3. state-of-the-art sample forms and agreements to help residential care facilities remain in compliance with the ever-changing nature of wage and hour law.

A tutorial video also accompanies The Guide to help you better understand how to put The Guide to use (coming soon).


Please note, you must be a 6Beds member to purchase and access the Wage and Hour Guide for Residential Care Facilities in California. Not a member of 6Beds, yet? 6Beds membership begins at $50/month (1 year membership required). Click here to join, now.

As of its publication, The Guide has received favorable reviews by the Federal Department of Labor. Authored by the best labor law firm in the nation that meets both federal and California labor laws — The Guide will help you lower your risks from a costly lawsuit or random or complaint-based audit!

Click here to get The Guide, now!

2 thoughts on “Get the Wage and Hour Guide for Residential Care Facilities in California.

  1. Sally Reyes

    iam a 6bed member, how come i can’t access even the admission agreement and employee handbook guidelines. please advise, thanks!—–Sally

    • Hello Miss Reyes. Due to 6Beds’ organizational restructuring, should members, such as yourself, need access to the Employee Handbook and other related documents, please email me directly ( and I will email those documents to you directly. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve 6Beds member services.

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