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6Beds Lifestyle: 6 Simple Things to Do to Live Longer

by Jack Rein
The 6Beds community has a very special responsibility; to care for and maintain the health of all of our residents. But good health has to start with YOUR good health, right? So in the spirit of renewal that comes when the season changes, and having approached and passed a milestone birthday on the part of the writer (The Big 6-0) here is what a little basic research on the subject of living a longer, happier and healthier life.

They can be broken down into 6 simple one-word summaries: Feet, Fingers, Forks, Sleep, Stress and Love.


Now, there are those of you who will quit right about…well….now. I can almost hear you say “OK. Tell me something I don’t know.” Well, bear with me for a few minutes and check out the simple reasoning behind these straightforward suggestions.

  1. Feet
    Get on them a little more. Exercise a little. I know. I just heard you utter an audible grunt. But look, walk, throw a ball against a wall, plug in a yoga video and spend 15 minutes stretching. Hold your spouse’s hand and go around the block. Take a tango lesson. Have some fun. I can hear you saying it now. “But I work hard as it is.” Just get off your butt! Capice?
  2. Fork
    Eat better. Of course, treat yourself with a greasy cheeseburger or a pizza, but just once a month. Buy some fresh fruit. Get a whole-grain muffin with honey, make dinner 3 times a week and, for heaven’s sake, read a label or two. Put less junk in your body and your body will thank you later.
  3. Fingers
    Don’t pick up a cigarette or a vape pen or a cigar. Expand your lungs with AIR. Simple, huh?
  4. Sleep
    Don’t fight it. Get as much as you can! I know that we work in challenging and sometimes sleep-deprived settings. It’s OK. Learn to relax. Sleep will affect your psychology, your immunology and your physiology. Good sleep makes you stronger and more able to cope with stressful situations.
  5. Stress
    RELAX. Are you a little too uptight? Need a little primal scream therapy? How about a vacation? Lessening stress will affect your hormonal balance, your neurological health and lower inflammation in your muscles and joints. Remember that Tango Class I mentioned above? Do it! Excersize is a wonderful way to work off a little aggression.
  6. Love
    So… got family? Got friends? Got a social life/structure? Those of us that have love in our lives have been clinically proven to be less vulnerable to chronic disease and earlier-than-expected death. Love is truly a ‘many splendored thing’. It sounds so easy, but how many of us know someone who is miserable, unhappy or victimized? Hug someone, right now. Call mom or dad and tell them that you love them. If you’re lucky they’ll tell you they love you back. Then, you’ll be on your way to living forever. Keep up the great work!