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Vendor Connect Update

Thank you to our preferred vendors for their support of the residential care industry! They also provide resources at 6Beds events, and we appreciate their participation very much. Please take a look at their sites and/or contact them to get to know their representatives and services.

Tier I

Senior Community Learning, RCFE/ARF Continuing Education
Contact: Mickey Grey,
Phone: (760) 580-2208

Financial Tax Strategies, Finance strategies for RCFE/ARF facilities
Contact: Scott Varney,
Phone: (408) 569-0778

Tier 2

Therap Services, Electronic documentation and reporting for care facilities
Contact: Stanley Higgins,
Phone: (203) 596-7553

Summa Insurance Service, Insurance for healthcare providers
Contact: Marge Aguilar,
Phone: (714) 774-3778

Realtime Senior Living, Senior care facility referrals
Contact: Steve Hoyt,
Phone: (925) 368-7514

CareerSmart, Continuing education for care facilities
Contact: Caitlyn Leeger Langan,
Phone: (877) 479-7338

The Law Offices of Gould and Hahn, Health, Business, and Labor law
Phone: 510-665-1800

Hospice Group of Southern California, Inc., a hospice provider
Contact: Veronica Austen,
Phone: (818) 337-2628

Other Vendors Supporting 6Beds

Halo Industry: Emergency Food Supply featuring The Survivor Kit

Phone: (562) 842-7539

Vendor Connect

Two CEU classes titled, “Reducing RCFE/ARF Insurance Cost & Dispute Resolution”, are available from Sierra Professional Insurance

Two CEU classes (2/4 hrs) titled, Reducing RCFE/ARF Insurance Cost & Dispute Resolution, are available from Sierra Professional Insurance.

In the class you will learn:

  1. Safety/Risk exposures in a residential care setting
  2. How to develop a risk management & safety plan for a residential care facility
  3. Proactive tools to reduce exposure to risk and liability
  4. The best business practices to protect residents, families, and staff
  5. How to avoid serious mistakes operating and managing a residential care

Download the schedule below which has links for registration:

Vendor Connect

Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock — Do you need it?

Staying compliant with labor laws requires that you to track your employee’s working hours, break periods, meal times, etc. to the minute when computing their hourly wages.

This remains to be a challenge to most care home operators due to the tediousness and complexity of the process, in addition to ensuring strict accountability for each employee to maintain an accurate timesheet.

This process is made relatively easy and cost-effective with Citadel Cloud Time and Attendance. With this device, you can do the following:

  • Track, calculate and organize your employee’s time and attendance data in real-time
  • Create rules for lockouts, rest and meal breaks and overtime for compliance
  • Empower your employees to help manage your workforce with customizable access
  • Add security to your punches with an advanced biometric fingerprint scanner
  • Have your employees punch online or offline. Citadel sends all data to the cloud once it’s reconnected

To learn more about this time and money-saving system, go to or call (800) 518-8925 (and press 1 for sales).

6Beds members receive $150 off of the original price and free shipping!

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6Beds Vendor Connect Ad Book is Here!

Happy New Year!

As we begin 2017 we’d like to present all our 6Beds members with a gift!

(Click to Download)


This is 6Beds’ first electronic Ad Book! It will hopefully become a great resource for all the many needs that RCFE and ARF facility operators use every day. Please feel free to carefully look at each of the ads. They have been designed and submitted with 6Beds members in mind and provide goods and services at special rates and discounts to everyone in the 6-bed community.

It’s an important step in our growth as an industry to join together. That way, we increase our buying power and make our businesses stronger and more profitable.

Let us know what you think. We love to hear from our members and carefully consider all of your comments and suggestions.

Have a great 2017!

6Beds Board of Directors

Gina Wasdyke, MBA
RCFE & ARF Operator

Ron Simpson, MBA, PhD
RCFE Operator

Bruce Winstead, Esq
RCFE Operator

George Kutnerian, MBA, MS
RCFE Operator

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6Beds VC: Nutrition Solutions for Emergency Situations

Brought to You by Meals for All.


by Jack Rein
Ever since the dawn of man we have always been confronted by challenges, both natural and man-made, that sometimes prove to be life-threatening. Here in California our two biggest natural threats are fire and earthquake. Experts have predicted that as global-warming increases the risk of wildfires increase exponentially as well. In addition, for a long time now scientists have been saying that an earthquake, referred to colloquially as “The Big One,” is imminent.

So the RCFE and the ARF community — our community — has to think and plan very seriously about what might happen to our residents in the case of a natural emergency. Safe shelter, water, light and food would be the immediate concern.

So we are very proud to welcome to our Vendor Connect Program a company called Meals for All ( When asked why it was important for our community to consider a disaster-feeding-nutrition solution they enlightened us.

“We created Meals for All so that every healthcare facility could have a compliance-friendly solution for feeding its clients during emergencies,” said Lee Tincher, President of Meals for All. “After observing the industry repercussions of disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, wildfires forcing facility evacuations, and unpredictable earthquakes, we resolved to develop a proactive answer that would strengthen dietetic practice in our industry,” she said. “As a core component of a documented disaster preparedness plan, using Meals for All helps healthcare facilities operate in accord with regulations and humanitarian needs in a crisis”, she noted.

Meals for All provides complete, easily prepared meals. Just add water. These real-foods can be re-hydrated using boiling water for a delicious hot meal or with cold water when gas or electricity is unavailable to boil water.


Trained dietary department staff may not be available to prepare meals during emergencies. Meals for All can be prepared by any staff or untrained volunteers allowing uninterrupted meal service. No knowledge of cooking, preparation or diets is needed to safely serve vulnerable populations.

The products are packed for easy transport in case of an evacuation, and are lightweight because they are dehydrated. Each menu is RDN created and approved, and comes in a bountiful array of menu items, including our newest vegetarian line. Delicious comforting menu choices makes the Meals for All solution versatile and appealing.

View the Meals for All introduction video below:

Click here to learn more:

Resident safety and health is the cornerstone of 6Beds’ mandate. We pride ourselves on the loving care that we provide. In the case of a disaster our residents will be confused, disoriented and frightened. A good meal, served with a soothing voice in a safe setting, will go a long way to allaying their fears.

It is common knowledge that disasters will strike. Making certain that we are prepared with a proper plan when one happens is extremely important. As part of our Vendor Connect Program, Meals for All can become a critical ally in making a successful, survivable disaster plan. Here is their brochure:

Visit their website here: or call them at (916) 832-MEAL (6325). Feel free to ask for Jennifer Valcazar, Long Term Care Consultant.

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6Beds VC: Staying Mobile

Brought to You by Santa Margarita Ford.


by Jack Rein
There is a growing need in the RCFE and ARF community to do more for residents — especially when it comes to making certain that they remain an active part of the community. Whether it’s the need to make a doctor’s appointment, to get to a community center, or simply going to see a movie — making the decision on how to get them there can be a big problem.

To that effect, we are very pleased to welcome a new preferred vendor to our organization, Santa Margarita Ford. They have been part of the fabric of the Southern California community for 19 years and consistently receive some of the highest marks for customer satisfaction in the automotive retail industry.

Santa Margarita Ford is home to Jon Jacobs, one of the moving forces in the industry who helped create the program for RCFE and ARF operators to lease or purchase specially-customized vehicles. His partner, Tony Merten, is a recent addition to the Santa Margarita Ford Mobility Team. Tony has been in the commercial vehicle business for over 20 years and brings with him a wealth of technical knowledge that can truly solve some of life’s unique challenges.

The Santa Margarita Ford vans and SUV’s help to serve the elderly with a wide range of personal mobility. Whether they are wheelchair-bound, need help walking, or simply desire safe and easy transportation, these vehicles provide the opportunity to make a variety of appointments and social events that they would otherwise not be able to attend.

  • Need a wheelchair lift? Check.
  • Need adjustable seats for easy in and easy out? Got that.
  • Need a vehicle that works for the multiple purposes that is efficient and cost-effective? Got that too!
  • How about a vehicle that I can get a tax break on?
    Santa Margarita Ford can show you several different ways of making your purchase or lease make great financial sense and increase the value of your operation.

Santa Margarita Ford has programs that work throughout California and assures 6Beds members that there are no geographic boundaries — a state-wide reach that is unmatched in the industry.

We invite you to call Jon Jacobs and Tony Merten at Santa Margarita Ford and talk about your resident’s special needs. Here’s their contact information:

Jon Jacobs
Mobility Manager

Tony Merten
Fleet Manager

Santa Margarita Ford
(888) 589-1551

As always, we invite you to support our Vendors and to write about your experiences with them. If you have a specific comment, suggestion or contribution to our blog, just let us know.

Welcome Jon, Tony and Santa Margarita Ford!

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6Beds VC: “How Can I Have a Better Relationship with My Grandparents?”

Brought to You by SafeWander.


by Jack Rein
As our population ages we get questions from a lot of 20 and 30 somethings about relationships, especially when it comes to grandparents and the problems they face as they get older. It can be very difficult to deal with the decline of people who you love, especially if they start to develop serious health issues.

So let’s give you a few things that you can easily do to help grandma and grandpa as they get older and more dependent on other people’s help.

  • Consider yourself lucky that you have people in your life who love you unconditionally.
    Keep in mind that these are the same people who spoiled you rotten, that you looked forward to seeing you when you were a kid and who would listen to you with endless patience as you wound your way through stories and experiences that you had as you were growing up. Remember that family is the most important and wonderful component that you will ever have in your life.
  • Spend some time with them.
    This means getting your head out of the screen. If you can’t be with them physically then give them a call, if only to say that you love them and you’re thinking about them. You would be amazed at the psychological lift that this simple act can have on another person’s spirit. Dedicate a little of your time. This takes the most frightening thing that many millennials can possibly think of: commitment.
  • Embrace your new role with them.
    Look, you probably have far more access to information and the way things are being done today then your grandparents and even your parents ever had. Now you can turn that screen addiction into something more powerful than you can imagine. You can help another human being become empowered, informed and connected. This is a wonderful gift that you can give your grandparents if you make the decision to use it.
  • Learn to become their advocate.
    If you have access to information that they need and can use it to their benefit then communicate it to the people who can help them. This would include many of the things that would affect older adults as they live their daily lives, and make those lives easier. Transportation, exercise, nutrition, entertainment and physical care all fall under the umbrella of important issues that are necessary for vital, healthy, active and intellectually stimulated seniors. Your help and involvement with these issues will invariably help your grandparents to lead happier lives.
  • Make certain they avoid isolation.
    In the worst case, grandma and grandpa will inevitably lose friends and family members through the natural processes of life. Make certain that they don’t close themselves to the things that give them joy. Take them to church. Take them to a senior club. Take them to watch a little league game, or any place that might stimulate them. Teach them how to stream a movie or a popular series. Engagement is incredibly important to happy human existence. Loneliness is a killer.
  • Network for them.
    You have friends, they have friends, and you are truly socially connected and know how to work the system. Get your grandparents involved in the things that you discover about the world and how connected everything is. Oh…and a lot of your friends have grandparents too! In the final analysis, your connectivity will bring their world, and yours, a little closer.

Remember to use SafeWander when you can’t be everywhere at once. With SafeWander you’ll be notified when mom or dad, grandma and grandpa get out of bed or their chair. SafeWander drastically reduces the risk of catastrophic falls. Every 6Beds member gets a 20% discount on Safe Wander sensors and software. SafeWander can monitor multiple people at once. It’s safe, small, easy-to-use and information can be instantly accessed if you’re close by or far away using most mobile devices, tablets, desktop and laptop computers

Contact SafeWander right now for a peace of mind. Here’s the link:

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6Beds VC: Welcome Mountain View Services, Inc.

Welcome to New Vendor Mountain View Services, Inc.


by Jack Rein
6Beds would like to take the opportunity to welcome Mountain View Services, Inc. to Vendor Connect. It is one of the large, one-stop suppliers for RCFEs and ARFs in California. They provide a great value to 6Bed members — making the choice of equipment, service and food-stuffs supplier an easy one.

We asked Eric Goodman, President of Mountain View Services, Inc., to explain the 5 top reasons why an RCFE or ARF owner would consider doing business with his company.

A single source supplier like Mountain View is the only way to effectively control expenses and to track the exact cost of goods and services for Care Facilities. It’s very important to know what you are paying for supplies when you include all the overhead and hidden costs that affect your facilities budget. Lots of times the real costs are something most owners and administrators don’t see on invoices.

Here are some reasons why it’s so important to know your true cost of supplies. Most facilities only look at the cost of the item they are buying and not any other factors that increase that cost and affect your budget.

  • Overhead cost associated with using multiple suppliers. With each different invoice you have staff time to check orders and administrative time. Most importantly you have a cost involved in paying multiple invoices from finance time to the cost of each check and postage. This can increase the cost of each product from different suppliers.
  • Your financials are affected when your budget is increased by the extra time each Facility Operator spends working with different suppliers. The time that Operators spend to find each product, order it, receive it, process it, review it, approve it, pay and then track each supplier is sharply reduced with a single-source supplier.
  • The overhead cost associated with going to a “Costco” type supplier is higher. You have staff time (wage), auto expense (fuel, insurance, repairs, etc.), any unforeseen expenses. For example, an employee can get into an accident while on company time shopping. This can cost you thousands of dollars extra.
  • With a single-source supplier like Mountain View Services, Inc., you have one point of contact for your staff, one order, one invoice, one delivery, and we incur all the “hidden cost” and you only pay for the product and not all the overhead.

Buyers who deal with many different suppliers understand how much time and extra cost this is to a facility. The larger the facility, the more the cost is. With a single-source supplier like Mountain View Service, Inc. you reduce all your extra overhead and hidden costs. You simply work with one main supplier. 

If you’d like to contact Eric or Mountain View Services directly you can go here:  or call them directly at (909) 335-8121. They are located at 625 Amigos Dr. in Redlands, California and serve the entire State.

As always, we want to hear about your experiences with all of our vendors and look forward to your contributions! Welcome, once again, to Mountain View Services, Inc.!

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6Beds VC: Solar Refitting and RCFEs and ARFs

Brought to you by Solar City and Solar Universe,

by Jack Rein
It’s difficult, if not impossible, to miss the commercials and print ads for solar companies on TV, radio and the web. If you’ve been considering having solar installed in your facility or your home, then I think there are a few things that you should know.

First of all, from a cost vs. savings standpoint, you should know the pros and cons of solar installations. The pros are simple and easy to understand: there will be dramatically less cost in your overall electric bill. The panels and systems require very little maintenance and last for decades. The environment is saved by the use of totally renewable, punctual and almost daily-available energy source. (If you live in a place that gets more sunlight than others, all the better!) In other words: Why wouldn’t you?

The cons are as evident as the pros: installations are NOT cheap, and depending on the size and angle of your roof more efficiency translates to higher install costs. The sun only shines during the day, and so part of your energy has to be generated from another source, or expensive batteries need to be installed.

Still, some of the investment can be offset by incentives that state and local governments can supply. There are federal tax breaks that you can qualify for, but they expire on December 31 of this year. Fossil fuels are still cheaper, in the aggregate, for homeowners who already have HVAC units installed and in working condition.

So, why should you invest in solar?

Let’s look at the three most interesting and important things you should consider before converting to solar power.

  1. RCFEs and ARFs expend a lot of power every month. If your energy bill is $1,000 a month, a new, efficient solar array can reduce your monthly costs by as much as 60%.
  2. Because the panels and systems last so long, there is plenty of time to let the investment pay for itself. (They will, however, gradually decline in efficiency as the years pass.)
  3. Your property value can increase by as much as 5% with a modern system install.

Since your facility is an investment, there are serious advantages to converting to solar power. Even though installs are pricey (above $20K) once you do the math their attractiveness increases and the job that they perform, quietly and efficiently for years, may well out-weigh the disadvantages.

6Beds has two great solar energy sponsors. Click here for Solar City and click here for Solar Universe.

6Beds VC: Solar City and Solar Universe

Vendor Connect

6Beds VC: Serve Your Residents and Protect Your RCFE From Violations

Brought to You By The Law Offices of Gould and Hahn.

by Jack Rein
The investment you’ve made in your RCFE or ACF is not only for you. And it’s gratifying to know that most of us realize this and are passionate about how we treat our residents. Wonderful people, many who, at the end of their life, have been entrusted to your care. However, unintended violations can occur at any time, even in the most disciplined environments. Some simple reminders of what we can be cited for are always good to keep in mind.

Here is an excerpt from an excellent article called, Put It On My Tab, written by Chrisy Selder and published by CARR:

So, this is how it goes: A facility is inspected and deficiencies are noted. If the facility is even cited for the deficiency, the state evaluator (or LPA) will issue the facility a citation. Depending upon the severity of the deficiency, the LPA can issue a Type A or a Type B citation. Type A citations are defined as deficiencies that, if not corrected, have a direct and immediate risk to those residents in care. Type B citations are defined as deficiencies that, if not corrected, could become an immediate risk to residents. Neither As nor Bs have automatic civil penalties associated with them. Citations ultimately amount to a warning for the facility and a notation in the facility’s state file.

For your reference, here are actual examples of each. Type As: Facility not having enough food for residents, licensee having power of attorney for a resident, a staff who is not a licensed professional is performing insulin injections, etc. Type Bs: Strong urine odor in facility, new mattresses are necessary, expired food items, etc.

Only a few violations require (per regulation) immediate civil penalties. These include (1) failure to secure criminal record clearances for employees, (2) repeating a violation within a 12-month period, (3) sickness, injury or death of a resident as a result of deficiencies within a facility, (4) accessible firearms, ammunition or both, (5) accessible bodies of water, and (6) refused LPA entry to facility or any part of a facility.

If the investigation of an LPA (who is not required to possess medical experience or knowledge) concludes that the sickness, injury or death of a resident has occurred as a result of a deficiency on the part of the facility, then an immediate civil penalty of $150 is assessed (provided the LPA’s manager approves the penalty SEE Mountain Echo article ). Additionally, an LPA may assess $150/day per violation until the deficiency is corrected [Title 22 § 87761(c)(1)].

Now, it is a given that these penalties will dramatically increase and very soon, given the recent publicity about an RCFE operator who, inadvertently or not, caused a resident’s death through negligence. It is our collective responsibility to our residents, their families and ourselves to make certain that ANY potential violations be dealt with BEFORE they become a problem. It’s simple common sense that’s good for everyone concerned. Our industry will continue to thrive because of our heightened sense of responsibility.

If you need advice on legal issues or you have questions or concerns about the law governing RCFEs in California, call the Law Offices of Gould and Hahn.

Click Here for more information:

The Law Offices Of Gould and Hahn