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6Beds VC: Welcome Mountain View Services, Inc.

Welcome to New Vendor Mountain View Services, Inc.


by Jack Rein
6Beds would like to take the opportunity to welcome Mountain View Services, Inc. to Vendor Connect. It is one of the large, one-stop suppliers for RCFEs and ARFs in California. They provide a great value to 6Bed members — making the choice of equipment, service and food-stuffs supplier an easy one.

We asked Eric Goodman, President of Mountain View Services, Inc., to explain the 5 top reasons why an RCFE or ARF owner would consider doing business with his company.

A single source supplier like Mountain View is the only way to effectively control expenses and to track the exact cost of goods and services for Care Facilities. It’s very important to know what you are paying for supplies when you include all the overhead and hidden costs that affect your facilities budget. Lots of times the real costs are something most owners and administrators don’t see on invoices.

Here are some reasons why it’s so important to know your true cost of supplies. Most facilities only look at the cost of the item they are buying and not any other factors that increase that cost and affect your budget.

  • Overhead cost associated with using multiple suppliers. With each different invoice you have staff time to check orders and administrative time. Most importantly you have a cost involved in paying multiple invoices from finance time to the cost of each check and postage. This can increase the cost of each product from different suppliers.
  • Your financials are affected when your budget is increased by the extra time each Facility Operator spends working with different suppliers. The time that Operators spend to find each product, order it, receive it, process it, review it, approve it, pay and then track each supplier is sharply reduced with a single-source supplier.
  • The overhead cost associated with going to a “Costco” type supplier is higher. You have staff time (wage), auto expense (fuel, insurance, repairs, etc.), any unforeseen expenses. For example, an employee can get into an accident while on company time shopping. This can cost you thousands of dollars extra.
  • With a single-source supplier like Mountain View Services, Inc., you have one point of contact for your staff, one order, one invoice, one delivery, and we incur all the “hidden cost” and you only pay for the product and not all the overhead.

Buyers who deal with many different suppliers understand how much time and extra cost this is to a facility. The larger the facility, the more the cost is. With a single-source supplier like Mountain View Service, Inc. you reduce all your extra overhead and hidden costs. You simply work with one main supplier. 

If you’d like to contact Eric or Mountain View Services directly you can go here:  or call them directly at (909) 335-8121. They are located at 625 Amigos Dr. in Redlands, California and serve the entire State.

As always, we want to hear about your experiences with all of our vendors and look forward to your contributions! Welcome, once again, to Mountain View Services, Inc.!

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