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6Beds Vendor Connect Ad Book is Here!

Happy New Year!

As we begin 2017 we’d like to present all our 6Beds members with a gift!

(Click to Download)


This is 6Beds’ first electronic Ad Book! It will hopefully become a great resource for all the many needs that RCFE and ARF facility operators use every day. Please feel free to carefully look at each of the ads. They have been designed and submitted with 6Beds members in mind and provide goods and services at special rates and discounts to everyone in the 6-bed community.

It’s an important step in our growth as an industry to join together. That way, we increase our buying power and make our businesses stronger and more profitable.

Let us know what you think. We love to hear from our members and carefully consider all of your comments and suggestions.

Have a great 2017!

6Beds Board of Directors

Gina Wasdyke, MBA
RCFE & ARF Operator

Ron Simpson, MBA, PhD
RCFE Operator

Bruce Winstead, Esq
RCFE Operator

George Kutnerian, MBA, MS
RCFE Operator

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6Beds VC: “Jean’s Story”

Brought to you by Acology, Inc.

by Jack Rein
Want to hear a great story? I want to introduce you to a friend. Her name is Jean Paule. I love Jean. She’s 84 years old this month. She is a strong, fearless Scotswoman who immigrated to the US when she was young, raised 4 great kids, went to school and had a career in the tech industry before it was known as the tech industry and played golf to a 5 handicap. She and her beloved husband, Les, travelled the world, loved to eat exotic food and made friends in far-off countries. They retired onto a golf course and kept active, doting on their increasing number of grandchildren and loving their life. After all, isn’t that what life is about

But the last couple of years has been tough for Jean. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease last year shortly after she lost her husband, Les. Watching her withdraw from a very active life has been tough to watch. Her daughter, Lisa, is my next door neighbor. Jean lives with Lisa now. Jean also made it perfectly clear that she wanted to live, to be surrounded by family, to be loved as long as people loved her. We all gathered around and made her life as happy as we could.

She loved to eat out, but as it became more difficult for her to travel she’d come over to our house, which we referred to as ‘The Restaurant’ and made her a special place at her ‘private’ table. She would talk about Scotland and golf. She’d talk about boyfriends that she’d had and how she loved to travel. We told her that she needed to keep eating, keep her strength up, so that we could all go back to Scotland with her and she could show us the magic places where she had been raised as a ‘wee girl’.  

The whole time her disease continued to slowly progress, robbing her quietly and surely of the loving, lovely person she was. So when Jean stopped eating we thought we would soon be losing her. Agitation quickly followed and medications that might have calmed Jean down a little went untaken. She began to quickly drop weight. Lisa tried giving her liquid supplements without success. Nothing tasted good except, occasionally, Jean’s favorite chocolate pudding.  

Now Jean was in almost constant pain. What little communication she was capable of slipped away. She was agitated and slept poorly, if at all. It is a miserable experience to watch someone you love go through this horrible process. Sometimes it seems as if a cruel trick is being played on the entire family. Grandma is still grandma, but she’s not. You hope and pray every day for even a small glimmer of things the way they were. Instead, the day’s grind into each other until little is left of dignity or hope.

With little to lose, we tried something radical. We started using a device called a MedTainer to grind the medication that she needed to control her pain and slipped it into her chocolate pudding. The result was in a word, astounding.

She swallowed a pureed meal an hour later. In the coming days her calorie intake improved dramatically. Since her pain was controlled she began to relax and sleep better. Within the first several months that we started using the MedTainer to grind her meds, she gained 14 pounds. She speaks, occasionally now, in full sentences. Sometimes she recognizes visitors. A window has opened for us to once again tell her how much we love her and hear once again that she loves us. The window will close soon, but the short reprieve allowed us once more to bask in the sunlight of pure, inspiring familial love. It was a gift of inestimable value.

Although it wasn’t simply The MedTainer that brought about these changes, its utility and ease-of-use certainly impacted her life, and the lives of the people who care for her. And after all, if you love someone, isn’t that the point?

You can order the MedTainer here:

And you can see a brief video of the Dell-Simpson Method of Medication Organization for RCFEs below: 

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6Beds VC: The Dell-Simpson Method of Medication Organization

Brought to you by Acology, Inc.

by Jack Rein
There are more than 1500 6Beds facilities across California serving more than 7500 residents. As our population ages, that number is growing every day. There are a lot of challenges when it comes to taking care of these very special people. Giving them the proper medications as ordered by their physicians is one of the most important. We’re going to introduce a method that will make this job a little easier you.

First of all, we’d like to introduce all of our members to the Medtainer. The Medtainer is more than just a plastic bottle that you put medications in. Each Medtainer has the following features:

  • It’s made from FDA approved #5 polypropylene. It is the only plastic that the FDA has approved to store food or medications in.  
  • It’s the perfect thing to replace the containers that you are currently using when you break down a resident’s daily medications.

Here is what separates the Medtainer from the containers you are using now:

If your resident has trouble swallowing pills you can grind them in the Medtainer. 

That’s right! Each Medtainer has an easy grinder that works like this:

  1. Just put the pills in the bottom of the Medtainer, put the grinder on top, and twist back and forth.
  2. In 30 seconds or less the pills are ground into powder and can be put in apple sauce, pudding, an ensure or other liquid and even a g-tube.


Here is one of the best features of the new organizing system.  Each Medtainer will have the name of the facility, the 6beds logo on the cap, and the resident’s name printed on the container. Each labeled container complies with HIPAA guidelines for privacy.

You may be dealing with a lot of different containers and methods when it comes to how you organize medications. Packs or cartridges are usually received from the pharmacy and stored in a cabinet. Then, usually the night before, a resident’s daily medication requirement is put in a separate container for the next day.

Now think about replacing those containers with MedTainers and using a simple, color-coded system to designate when the resident will get medications.

Here is the system. We start with a basic 4Pack:

  • White containers are for morning or AM meds.
  • Blue for Noontime or Lunchtime meds.
  • Red for PM or nighttime meds and
  • Green for Bedtime meds.

If your resident requires it, or if you request it, you can also order 2 additional colors:

  • A Black Medtainer is for narcotic, pain control or PRN meds.
  • An Orange Medtainer is used before breakfast.

If there is another designation that your facility uses just let us know and we’ll make it for you.

A chart will accompany each order that will have the color-codes and the times-of-day for each Medtainer. The chart can be mounted on the cabinet as an easy reminder or reference.

Ordering the Medtainers for your facility is easy. Simply go to the 6Beds website or our Acology website ( and click on the ordering tab. A menu will guide you through the process and you will have your Medtainers in just a few days.

Your cabinets might have been a little chaotic before. Once you’ve begun using this method a full compliment for 6 residents only takes up a space that measures 20 inches by 9 inches. And wouldn’t you like to show that to a prospective resident’s family?

This system is easy to learn and adopt in your facility. We know that it will take a little bit of time to get used to this new organization method and if you have any questions you can call direct or email us for a fast response.

The cost of a basic 4-pack for 6 residents, printed with the 6Beds logo, facility name and resident’s name, is only $120. Each additional MedTainer is $5.  20% of all proceeds go directly to

In conclusion, the Dell-Simpson method of organizing meds can change the way you currently care for your residents, making them safer and happier. And after all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Below is a short video about the Dell-Simpson Medication Organization Method: