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Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock — Do you need it?

Staying compliant with labor laws requires that you to track your employee’s working hours, break periods, meal times, etc. to the minute when computing their hourly wages.

This remains to be a challenge to most care home operators due to the tediousness and complexity of the process, in addition to ensuring strict accountability for each employee to maintain an accurate timesheet.

This process is made relatively easy and cost-effective with Citadel Cloud Time and Attendance. With this device, you can do the following:

  • Track, calculate and organize your employee’s time and attendance data in real-time
  • Create rules for lockouts, rest and meal breaks and overtime for compliance
  • Empower your employees to help manage your workforce with customizable access
  • Add security to your punches with an advanced biometric fingerprint scanner
  • Have your employees punch online or offline. Citadel sends all data to the cloud once it’s reconnected

To learn more about this time and money-saving system, go to or call (800) 518-8925 (and press 1 for sales).

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