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Potential Admission — DSS Relocating 29 Residents by this Saturday, August 22nd

Dear 6-bed operator,

The Department of Social Services (DSS) is looking to relocate up to 29 residents by this Saturday, August 22nd, from a 42 bed residential care home in Salinas, California, that is soon to close. The facility serves residents with mental illness and on SSI. The facility’s address is:

Colonial Manor
645 Williams Road
Salinas, CA 93905

If any of you are interested in evaluating residents for potential admission, please contact Bob Chirico, Regional Manager at(408) 324-2129 or Vivien Helbling, Licensed Program Manager at (408) 324-2125.


6Beds Board of Directors
Gina Wasdyke, MBA
Ron Simpson, MBA, PhD
Bruce Windstead, Esq.
George Kutnerian, MS, MBA

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