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TAKE ACTION NOW: Help Streamline Our Caregiver Criminal Clearance Process

The legislature has already passed 6Beds’ sponsored bill, Assembly Bill 1437 (Criminal Record Clearances); Governor Brown just needs to sign it.

AB 1437 allows a cleared worker to be associated with all the facilities operated by the same owner by filing a single form eliminating the need for filing multiple forms for transfer among those facilities. AB 1437 will also allow licensees to designate a single Central Administrative Facility within a region to which all of a licensee’s employees may be associated to.

Help us urge Governor brown to sign AB 1437 by end of September.

Currently, every time a worker goes to work at another facility even on a temporary basis to fill in for an absent worker, a form must be filed with the Community Care Licensing Division to transfer the worker’s criminal background clearance to that other location even if the location is operated by the same licensee. Failure to file the form before the worker transfers can draw fines of $100 a day up to $500 — even though the worker in fact has a criminal background clearance.

Do you support AB 1437? If so, let Governor Brown know ASAP.


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