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What does 6Beds do for the ARFs and RCFEs that others can’t?

2017 is shaping up to be another landmark year for 6Beds and its members.

We are more than half way through 2017 and 6Beds has taken the next leap in its mission to advocate for owners of residential care homes in California by sponsoring its very first bill since its inception, AB 1437: Modernizing Regulations. Co-authored by both Assemblyman Patterson and Senator Scott Weiner, AB 1437 will amend the following health and safety codes:

  • Health and Safety Code Section 1569.23 would be changed to allow licensees to forgo an additional Initial Certification Training Program (ICTP) if they are a current licensed administrator who has kept up with their continuing education requirements when adding a new care home later than five years since the licensee last completed an ICTP.
  • Health and Safety Code Section 1569.17 would be changed so that a licensee is not required to transfer criminal clearance when an employee of the licensee moves to another of the licensee’s facilities.

On April 19 of this year, 6Beds held its third annual advocacy day to support and introduce AB 1437 as well as unveil new and exciting opportunities in residential care. Guest speakers Senator Scott Wiener, Assembly Member Rob Bonta, Senator Joel Anderson and Assembly Member Jim Patterson were all present and expressed their support for 6Beds and its trailblazing efforts to advance the residential care community.

6Beds Advocacy Day, April 19, 2017:  Guest speakers Senator Scott Wiener, Assemblyman Rob Bonta, Senator Joel Anderson and Assemblyman Jim Patterson, along with 6Beds lobbyists, directors, and officers.

Each of these politicians recognized and lauded 6Beds for being the only bonafide organization recognized by the DDS, DSS, DOL and DLSE (State labor), representing the economic and political interests of California’s residential care industry. They acknowledged that with the much anticipated exponential growth of our industry worldwide, 6Beds’ political advocacy role will become more vital with each passing year. In effect, 6Beds will help transform tomorrow’s residential care industry with its strong political presence today, backed by the solidarity and passion of its members and constituents to serve California’s elderly, developmentally disabled and mentally ill.

That being said, below is a timeline of 6Beds’ 2017 advocacy efforts, by its officers and lobbyists, to advance our industry:

  • 01/11/17 – Meeting with Assembly Member Calderon staff regarding bill introduction
  • 02/01/17 – Meeting with Senator Wiener on bill introduction
  • 02/11/17 – Attended DSS stakeholder meeting
  • 02/18/17 – Meeting with Assembly Member Patterson staff on bill introduction
  • 03/20/17 – Meeting with Assembly Human Services Committee staff on AB 1437
  • 04/03/17 – Meeting with Shelton Dent at DDS on housing issue
  • 04/04/17 – Attend hearing on AB 1437
  • 04/11/17 – Meetings with Aging Committee staff on AB 1437
  • 04/17/17 – Assembly Human Services Committee
  • 04/18/17 – Testify at hearing on SB 648 (referral agency bill)
  • 04/19/17 – 6Beds Advocacy Day at the Capitol
  • 04/19/17 – Meeting with DHS on Assisted Living Waiver
  • 04/19/17 – Testified in opposition to SB 648 (referral agency bill) – opposed unless amended
  • 04/26/17 – Testified in opposition to SB 648 (referral agency bill) – opposed unless amended
  • 04/27/17 – Testified on AB 1437 (6Beds sponsored bill) in Assembly Aging and Long Term Care Committee 4/27
  • 05/02/17 – Attended DSS Stakeholder/provider meeting
  • 05/08/17 – Meeting with Mendoza staff on SB 648
  • 01/17/17 – 6/20/17   Successfully lobbied to have onerous language removed from SB 219
  • 06/20/17 – Testified in Support of SB 219 – Senator Wiener’s RCFE anti-discrimination bill

Upcoming milestone events:

Not yet a member of 6Beds?

Before 6Beds came to be, what organization or individual do you think had the (1) conviction, (2) political clout, (3) depth of leadership and resources, (4) collective support of the residential care communities, (5) respect of community leaders and institutions, (6) a mutually respectful, collaborative and legitimized relationship with DDS, DSS, DOL and DLSE, and (7) the intrinsic interest to advocate with such magnitude and ferocity for the residential care communities?

The answer is, none and no-one.

If you are an ARF and/or RCFE operator and base your livelihood on the residential care industry, it would be to your utmost advantage to help preserve and grow this organization, whether by becoming a paying member, volunteering your time and expertise or both. 6Beds is a non-profit, 501c political advocacy organization, lead by volunteer care home owners and aided by contracted professionals (eg lobbyists, accountant, IT, lawyers, etc.) to advocate fiercely for the residential care industry.




Click here to learn more about 6Beds’ critical impact on California’s residential care industry.

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