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TAKE ACTION NOW: Help Expand ALW by Signing Our Petition to Governor Brown

The legislature has already passed Assembly Bill 2233 (Assisted Living Waiver); Governor Brown just needs to sign it.

AB 2233 impacts our industry and the growing communities we serve. Let us stand united in support of one another and all older adults in California.

Help us urge Governor Brown to sign AB 2233 by end of September.

AB 2233 offers many benefits:

  • Enrollment increase from 5,700 to as high as 18,500.
  • Expansion of ALW beyond the 15 counties currently approved participation.
  • Increased transparency in how the wait list is administered.

Do you support AB 2233? If so, let Governor Brown know ASAP.


The program is currently limited to 5,700 people but the need is much greater. The current wait list requires people to wait months and sometimes years in order to receive services.

AB 2233 will allow enrollment in the assisted living program to increase up to 18,500 people and improves several other aspects of the program. The legislation already passed through the Senate and the Assembly without any “no” votes. And for good reason – an improved ALW program benefits both consumers and the state, which saves thousands of dollars monthly when a Medi-Cal beneficiary receives necessary services through the ALW rather than in a nursing home.


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