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DD ARM Rates Set to Increase July 1, 2016

To our Fellow Provider,

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) issued the new rate schedule for ARM rate providers — effective July 1, 2016 — with at least a 7.75% rate increase for community care facilities caring for 5 or more residents and a 25% increase for facilities serving four or less. This is a significant rate increase which is long overdue!

While this milestone was brought about by a collective effort among various organizations, it is undeniable that 6Beds played a huge role in making it happen. Since its inception in July of 2014, 6Beds rallied en masse, testified in various hearings and lobbied fiercely at the State Capital to get our messages across to our legislators and the Governor’s office.

That said, we thank various 6Beds leaders, many of whom are ARF DD and RCFE DD providers who were quite passionate in expressing our community’s financial needs throughout various hearings and meetings. They are Reshema Hollinsworth, Dr. Don Turner, Gina Wasdyke, George Kutnerian, Dr. Ron Simpson, Nestor Uy, Frank Dickey and Mark Alipio. We also thank 6Beds lobbyists, Robert Naylor and Roxanne Gould for their instrumental support and input. However above all, we thank you — our 6Beds members — without whose continued financial support we could not have achieved these significant rate increases that have eluded our facilities for far too many years.

We also thank the Governor’s office, DDS and many legislators, especially Assemblymember Thurmond of Richmond and Assemblymember Bonta of Oakland/Alameda, Senator Mitchell of Culver/Los Angeles for recognizing that the current stagnant rates needed to be raised to ensure that our care homes continue to care for Californians with developmental disabilities.

For our 6,404 blog followers (and growing), happy reading and please forward this post to as many of our DD colleagues.

Yours in solidarity,

6Beds, Inc.

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