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Download CCL’s New Resident Personal Rights Document: Compliance with AB 2171

Community Care Licensing (CCL) recently published Personal Rights – LIC613C-2, which incorporates the Resident’s Bill of Rights that was added to the Health & Safety Code by AB 2171 in addition to the personal rights in Title 22 regulations that were already found in CCL’s previous Personal Rights document.  AB 2171 was a part of the RCFE Reform Act of 2014 and took effect on January 1, 2015.  However, until the publishing of the Personal Rights – LIC613C-2 form this year, licensees had to come up with their own Personal Rights document and posting to comply with AB 2171.

AB 2171 requires licensees to advise and provide a copy of the rights in the Resident’s Bill of Rights and the personal rights in Title 22 regulations.  Licensees must have each resident and resident’s representative sign and date a copy of the resident’s rights and the licensee must include a signed and dated copy in the resident’s record.  The licensee must post a copy of the resident’s rights in the facility and must also post these rights in other languages when five percent or more of the residents can only read that other language.

The Personal Rights – LIC613C-2 form should help licensees comply with the requirements of AB 2171.

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