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SSI’s 72 Cents Makes No Sense

SSI/SSP Cash Grants for Low-Income Elderly & Disabled Californians Result in $0.72/hour Wages for their Residential Caregivers

You do the math:
$1,145 monthly govt. SSI/SSP paid to Care Home for each Resident ($733 Federal SSI + $412 CA SSP)

From the $1,145:
$131 goes to Resident for personal & incidental needs
$492 goes to Care Home for housing, meals, utilities, toiletries
$522 goes to Care Home for 24×7 staff wages, taxes, insurance

$522 monthly staff wage is equal to:
$6,264 yearly wage ($522/mo x 12mo) or
$17.16 daily wage ($6,264/yr / 365 days/yr) or
$0.72 hourly wage ($17.16/day / 24hrs/day care & supervision)

One thought on “SSI’s 72 Cents Makes No Sense

  1. Elizabet

    I only have one home but I’m thinking if there is no change or if there is no one to walk in our shoes it’s time to close shop. Who is coming up with these laws that is aimed at closing 6 bed homes? Do they think there is a fortune to be made from these homes? Why don’t the Goverment open one, run it the way they think we should run it and then come back and let us know what it is like.

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