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6 Bed Care Home Providers Are Losing $73,000 For Each Employee per Year

The U.S. Dept. of Labor requires care home providers to pay their staff for an entire 24hrs/day if they are living in the care home (even after their 8-hour shift is finished).  If no exceptions are granted and this requirement is enforced, then DOL expects care home providers to pay each worker on their staff:

$78,840 in annual wages ($9.00/hr minimum wage x 24/day x 365days/yr)

Yet for all SSI/SSP residents, the state and federal governments compensate providers only:

$6,264 in annual funds for wages ($522/mo x 12mo)

That means providers lose:

$72,576 annually for each staff member ($78,840 required- $6,264 provided)

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