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SSI’s 72 Cents Makes No Sense

SSI/SSP Cash Grants for Low-Income Elderly & Disabled Californians Result in $0.72/hour Wages for their Residential Caregivers

You do the math:
$1,145 monthly govt. SSI/SSP paid to Care Home for each Resident ($733 Federal SSI + $412 CA SSP)

From the $1,145:
$131 goes to Resident for personal & incidental needs
$492 goes to Care Home for housing, meals, utilities, toiletries
$522 goes to Care Home for 24×7 staff wages, taxes, insurance

$522 monthly staff wage is equal to:
$6,264 yearly wage ($522/mo x 12mo) or
$17.16 daily wage ($6,264/yr / 365 days/yr) or
$0.72 hourly wage ($17.16/day / 24hrs/day care & supervision)