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Jun 6 – 6Beds First-Ever ARF & RCFE Funding Workshop

Your calling is noble. You are proud of what you do for our most vulnerable population — the frail elderly, those with developmental disabilities or mental illness — but you are struggling to make ends meet.

This funding workshop is for you!

For those well-established operators who want to explore new opportunities in residential care or gain a competitive edge to add to their bottom line, this funding workshop is also for you!

ARF and RCFE Funding Workshop

June 6, 2018
11 AM – 5 PM
Rancho Cordova City Hall

Attendance for this funding workshop is limited to 6Beds members only at $990/company.
Please note, payment is processed through PayPal. You may pay with a credit card or with your PayPal account.

Why attend?

This funding workshop will be an eye opener for most ARF and RCFE operators. We will present untapped funding options as well as emerging opportunities in residential care. Moreover, we will direct you where to go and what to do in order to begin the application process.

As a DSS licensee, you are in a prime position to take advantage of these funding sources, as well as explore opportunities in both ARF and RCFE communities to augment your enterprise.

You will learn the how-to’s to participate in various multi-billion dollar government programs.

The Federal Home & Community Based Services (HCSBS) earmarked $80.6 billion in 2014 that continues to grow. California is a recipient of these federal dollars which when combined with state monies, help fund the following:

A. Lanterman Act – serving individuals with developmental disabilities through ARF and RCFE

Presentation Highlight: Learn the how-to’s of the negotiated rate homes including Specialized Residential Facility (SRF-ARF & SRF-RCFE) with rates of about $15,000 per bed and upwards and Adult Residential Facility for Persons with Special Health Care Needs (ARFPSHN), aka 962 Home with rates of about $25,000 per bed for up to 5 beds.

In this presentation, you will learn about the following:

  1. The role of Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Act (AB 846), Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDS) and Regional Centers. The current budget is $6.9 billion where a significant portion is earmarked to community services, including community care facilities such as ARF and RCFE;
  2. The 21 regional centers, and how to utilize their websites to look for their current needs and RFPs;
  3. The vendorization process, as you will not be paid for services unless vendored by one of the regional centers;
  4. Writing your program design using Title 17 guidelines, which is a prerequisite to getting vendored.

Note that ARF and RCFE serving individuals with developmental disabilities are also mandated to comply with HCBS — a requirement in order to continue receiving federal dollars.

B. The Assisted Living Waiver (ALW) for RCFE and ARF

Presentation Highlight: There will be onsite assistance with ALW application at no extra cost. Ordinarily, consultants charge between $900 – $1,200 to assist with ALW application, but at this funding workshop it will be FREE.

ALW is a HCBS waiver that was created by legislation that directed the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to develop and implement the project to test the efficacy of assisted living as a Medi-Cal benefit.

Both RCFE and ARF are eligible!

The ALW supplemental funding ranges from $55 – $200 (according to tier) a day, per bed, plus SSI/SSP of $1,039.37.

ALW is looking to add 2,000 beds this year, due largely to a lobbying effort of a coalition that included 6Beds. Moreover, there is a bill introduced this year that will potentially increase ALW beds to 18,500 beds.

C. Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) for low income elderly

Find out how RCFE operators can tap into this program once their resident runs out of financial resources and meets the program requirements.

D. Various waiver programs for homeless Californians with mental illness available in some counties

E. Proposition 63 (Mental Health Services Act) with over $1.8 billion in funds for 2018 and No Place Like Home Bill with over $2 billion of which the majority will be used to create housing for the homeless or persons who are at risk of homelessness who may also have mental illness

Presentation Highlight: SSI rate — currently $1,039.37 — may be combined with other funding sources, and if done right, these SSI homes can receive substantial increases, thereby stabilizing this segment of the industry.

California’s licensed residential care homes have been operating since the 1960’s. This growing community can serve as an effective housing solution to California’s rising homeless population — providing both housing and care.

We will also cover other funding opportunities outside of HCBS, which include hospitals and counties. In effect, 6Beds will take the lead with establishing contracts with hospitals. We will be taking operator applications as early as June 6. Please note, some hospitals are paying 6K and upwards, per bed, as the supply of licensed beds are shrinking!

This funding session is a 6Beds members-only benefit. 

Attendance for this funding workshop is limited to 6Beds members only at $990/company.

Seats are limited so reserve yours now.

Please note, payment is processed through PayPal. You may pay with a credit card or with your PayPal account.

This funding workshop is the first of its kind in residential care history. Two of California’s most respected and influential care home operators will share not only their expertise in running care homes but also the wealth of information and experiences they have accumulated while working with politicians, lobbyists, federal and state officials, regional centers, etc. — throughout 6Beds’ meteoric rise within the past four years.

A majority of the proceeds from the funding workshop will be donated to 6Beds, Inc., 6Beds Political Action Committee (PAC) and 6Beds Foundation, Inc., so that these organizations can continue to grow and succeed in ensuring the longevity of the residential care industry.


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