Come Celebrate and Bring Awareness to the Important Work We Do!

2017 ARF & RCFE Awards Night Gala, (L-R) Fort & Emily Marquez, ARF Award Receipients · PRESENTERS: Ron Simpson, Director and Southern California President Compliance & Membership Director · George Kutnerian, Director and Senior Vice President of Public Policy & Legislation · Senator Scott Weiner, D-San Francisco

While you may come and revel in the evening’s gaiety and festivities — a wonderful opportunity to share a meal with familiar faces, hob-nob and rub shoulders with colleagues and community leaders — 6Beds’ ARF and RCFE Awards Night Gala has so much more significance to our industry.

Our awards night gala is a glowing beacon of 6Beds’ unifying force and our growing political influence as care home operators in a heavily regulated industry that is on the brink of exponential growth.

6Beds’ awards night gala is our night to celebrate and bring community and political awareness to the important work we do — caring for California’s frail elderly, adults with developmental disabilities and those with mental illness.

It is a profession that we take great pride in, make a living from and whose relevance and community impact grows bigger with each passing year. Yet to many in our communities, law makers and politicians, we remain invisible and underappreciated for the passion and commitment we continue to pour — caring for our residents and our clients.

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On August 25, 2018, 6Beds will recognize those whose contributions to this industry have spanned decades of dedicated service. In so doing, not only do we recognize the individuals and families who have given so much of their time and talents, but we also underscore and highlight the significance of our growing social and economic impact, as well as political influence in the communities we serve.

Please attend and support yet another milestone event for our beloved organization. Come and connect with the people who are shaping the landscape and who are at the forefront of our beloved residential care industry.

2018 ARF & RCFE Awards Night Gala

Grow the 6!

Join us for an evening of awards, networking, music, dinner and dance!


Embassy Suites by San Francisco Airport Waterfront
150 Anza Blvd, Burlingame, CA 94010

Donation – $70/Person



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