You Must Be Counted!

Serious about being a California residential care provider? Do you wish to keep your care home — your livelihood — and preserve the vital services you provide to our elderly community or the developmentally disabled and mentally ill? Do you wish to earn more for the essential services you provide to your residents or ensure that your rates remain comparable with the ever changing labor laws?

If you answered yes to any of these, THEN YOU MUST BE COUNTED!

Fellow Residential Care Provider,

You can learn all that you need to manage your care home and stay compliant with all industry laws and regulations, but if the laws you learn and comply with serve to undermine your bottom line, then all your efforts — however pertinent to your care home’s success — are meaningless.

You see, without a strong political influence and representation at the State Capitol, then our care homes are subject to ignorant and/or indifferent lawmakers, government agencies and special interest groups who propose, pass and enforce laws that may serve to dismantle or take away the essential services we provide to our residents. As you may have witnessed in recent months and in the past couple of years, unchecked laws and proposed amendments can have harmful repercussions to everyone in our industry — with many of our colleagues closing their care homes.

Today, there is no one organization more invested, more in tune and more qualified to protect and effectively advocate for our industry than 6Beds. No one. No other residential care-based organization in California compares to 6Beds in function, purpose, membership, leadership, political influence and might. None. (Click to learn more.)

As a stakeholder in our industry’s top governing agencies — DSS, DDS and DOL — 6Beds ensures that no government agencies or special interest groups will propose new laws that impact our care homes without our review and input. Vice-versa, we can now effectively propose new laws (bills) to positively affect our industry. (Click to learn more.)

That said, while membership dues fund 6Beds’ vital lobbying and advocacy work, the dollars our members commit along with the facilities they represent — speak volumes to the lawmakers, governing agencies and special interest groups, that we are dead serious about protecting our residential care industry. That above all, in solidarity with our colleagues, we are no longer silent, unaccounted nor complacent when unjust laws threaten the economic sustainability of our care homes.

Though 6Beds membership boasts almost 2000 care homes and growing, imagine what we could all accomplish together — if all residential care providers step up and have their membership and the facilities they represent, counted: we could vastly change the political landscape of the residential care industry and ensure continued prosperity to our care homes and the essential services we provide to our residents for years to come. Seriously think about that for a moment.

Fellow provider, rather than ask what a 6Beds membership can do for you, ask instead what your membership can do for our residential care industry. The bottom line is that your membership does not empower nor enrich 6Beds to its own end, but rather — through 6Beds — your membership represents a visible and tangible commitment that serves to protect and advance the needs of the residential care industry where it matters — at the Capitol.

It is our sincere and profound hope that all residential care providers join 6Beds to achieve what it stands and fights for: the survival and continued prosperity of our beloved residential care industry and the quality of life of the elderly, developmentally disabled and mentally ill we care for. While your membership is optional, it is mandatory and critical to strengthen and maintain our growing political might over those who wish to dismantle or take over the vital services we provide to our residents.

Apathy and indifference are not an option if we wish to do business and succeed in California as bona fide residential care providers.

So please, join us.

Make your membership count and have your membership counted.

If we don’t come together and contribute to fight for our care homes’ survival, then who will?

Want to learn more?

Read, 6 Reasons to Join or Renew your 6Beds Membership.

Want to do more?

Join your colleagues rally and lobby at the Capitol on April 12, 2016, to protect and advance our residential care industry (click to learn more).

With sincere respect,

6Beds Board of Directors
Gina Wasdyke, MBA
Founder, Director, RCFE & ARF Operator
Ronald Simpson, MBA, PhD
SoCal President, Director, RCFE Operator
Bruce Winstead, Esq
Director, RCFE Operator
George Kutnerian, MBA, M.S.
Director, RCFE Operator

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