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RSVP — April 12, 2016, State Capitol Rally Bus Schedule

To all Northern California 6Beds members, friends and relatives:

Our rented bus — the United Coach Tours — will be picking us up at the following locations on April 12, 2016:

Daly City

Serramonte Mall
(corner of Callan Blvd and Serramonte Blvd, across from Macys and Firestone)

Pick up time is 6:45 AM and will leave at 7 AM (sharp). Please arrive early and park you car inside the mall or along Callan Blvd. We will leave promptly to pick up others in Vallejo.


774 Admiral Callaghan Ln
Vallejo, CA 94591

Bus will exit Redwood Parkway and park on Admiral Callahan (close to the Safeway grocery store) to pick up riders. We should arrive roughly one hour after leaving Daly City at around 7 AM, depending on the traffic.

Please get a good rest the night before to build up your strength as this event will probably be very busy. Carry a backpack and don’t forget to bring your medications, bottled waters and energy bars. 6Beds will provide a complimentary lite lunch.

I ask that you reserve your seat now. There are NO last minute minute cancellations to accommodate others.


Click to RSVP

If you have additional questions, please email me at,

Please be advised that we will collect a $25 donation on the day of the event to offset the cost of the bus, so that 6Beds may continue to channel our resources to our crucial lobbying and advocacy efforts.

Finally, please forward this email to everyone that you know who may be interested in joining us.

We will be lobbying for the following issues:

  1. Minimizing Proposed Increases to Civil Penalties (see AB 2231, formerly AB 1467)
    6Beds is currently fighting to minimize the proposed increases to civil penalty amounts and to better define what a repeat violation is in order to minimize subjectivity. 6Beds is also challenging proposals that would require licensees to pay civil penalty amounts upfront, even if the penalty is under appeal, and proposals that would expand the scope of violations that would be subject to civil penalties. 6Beds is also asking legislators to consider the concept of scaling civil penalties according to facility size, particularly the civil penalty amounts that were previously established under AB 2236 for violations that result in serious bodily injury or death, which currently carry penalty amounts of $10,000 and $15,000. Especially for SSI or low income care providers, 6Beds recognizes that these types of penalties can wipe out months of income, threatening the survival of these providers!
  2. Codify Sleep Credit (SB 1245)
    6Beds also secured Senator Anderson of San Diego and Assembly Member Wagner of Orange County to author our Sleep Credit Bill. The Bill would codify our current practice for sleep credit as allowed for in Wage Order 5, which means we are exempt from paying caregivers during a bona fide eight hour sleep period if the caregivers meet the definition and requirements of either a 24 hour or live-in caregiver and the necessary agreements are in place. While an eight hour sleep credit is currently available, this Bill is a proactive move by 6Beds to codify the sleep credit as there is a new trend of California courts invalidating provisions found in the Wage Orders.
  3. Referral Agency Bill (see SB 648)
    6Beds is working to regulate the referral agencies, including an anti-kickback provision
  4. Refund After Only A 5-Day Notice (Proposed Title 22 Regulation)
    This proposed regulation would entitle RCFE residents to a refund after only having to provide a 5-day notice as opposed to the current 30-day notice that is customary. 6Beds has opposed this proposal.
  5. New 80-Hour Administrator Course and State Test Requirement (New CCL Policy)
    New CCL policy would require licensees with a valid administrator certificate prior to January 1, 2016 to take the new 80-hour administrator course and State exam if a licensee applies to open a new facility five years after January 1, 2016. 6Beds is opposing this policy and seeking its reversal.
  6. Funding for Adult Residential Facilities (ARF) and Residential Care Facilities (RCFE) to improve the quality of life of residents with mental illness living in these homes.
    In 2004, the State Voted “Yes” to Proposition 63 which imposed an additional 1% tax on taxpayers’ taxable personal income above $1 million to provide dedicated funding for the expansion of mental health services and programs, which translates to more than $1 billion in funding, annually. How is this benefiting Californians with mental illness living in these homes
  7. Support Governor’s Budget for Alternative Residential Model (ARM) 4-Bed Rate Model $46.0 million increase ($26.0 million GF increase) to fund ARM rates based on a four-resident model for Community Care Facilities vendored to serve four or fewer individuals.

This annual event is always exciting and inspirational, leaving 6Beds members and supporters empowered to continue the conversation at the local level.


Yours in solidarity,

Angie Marinda
6Beds NorCal Secretary
(650) 273 – 2595

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