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6Beds Lobbying Got Us $172M But We Need to Keep on Going

Attention DD Carehome Providers: 6Beds Lobbying Got You $172M!

Flashback…Do you remember the last time the State reduced our rates? How about the time they reduced our number of beds from 6 to 4 beds and slashed 1/3 of our income? How about the time our rates were frozen for years?  These were the past realities of the Alternative Residential Model (ARM) levels 2, 3 and 4, with a long history of stagnant rates. In less than 2 years since 6Beds started rallying and lobbying, only then did we see the change in the ARM rates.


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In less than two years, 6Beds lobbyists and key leaders lobbied vigorously at the California Governor’s office, Finance Department, DDS and key legislators. The results:

  1. We received a $64M (6% rate increase) in January 1, 2015, and
  2. another $62M (6% rate increase) in January 1, 2016.

6Beds’ fierce lobbying continued at the Governor’s office and Finance Department, and fought to increase rates for the 4-bed model. The result:

  1. The Governor added $46M in the budget to increase funding for the 4-bed model for July 1, 2016!

There is another 7.5% proposed increase for our rates if the $1B Managed Care Organization Tax (MCO) Bill goes through.  Can we keep it?  Can we get some more funding until our rates are sufficient to pay our costs and have a modest profit — the answer is up to us.

That kind of hard work and determination is what it takes to continue adjusting our rates and get the necessary rate increases so we can continue to comply with labor laws and not worry where we can get money to cover our rising costs of doing business in California.

As it stands, we need your help.

6Beds lobbying funds are dwindling if we do not replenish our funds through your membership dues. We need your help as members so we can continue the fight to ensure that the care and housing we provide to Californians with developmental disabilities remains. Lobbying is very expensive as we have two top lobbyists working hard for 6Beds and the residential care industry — Robert Naylor and Roxanne Gould!

How much will it cost each DD provider to keep 6Beds lobbying and the $172M? Just $50/month or $1.67/day!

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