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SafeWander™ Joins 6Beds Affiliates

6Beds, Inc. is proud to welcome its newest Diamond Affiliate Member, SafeWander, inventor of the SafeWander™ Button Sensor

— the world’s first wearable sensor that sends an alert to a caregiver’s mobile device when a loved one or a patient gets up from a bed or chair, even if the caregiver is far away.

The SafeWander™ Button Sensor is unique in design, function and special features. It provides reliable local (in the facility) and long range monitoring, with a precise permanent record of each residents awake pattern — which can be shared with the resident’s physician to help medication adjustment decisions.

6Beds has evaluated and used these Button Sensors and found them exceptionally valuable and unique in monitoring residents and assisting caregivers in protecting residents from getting up and falling.

With OneTwist™, the button is securely attached to any clothing. SafeWander empowers you to monitor the safety of wandering and/or fall-risk individuals, so you can rest assured.


Consisting of a tiny Button Sensor worn by your patient, a Gateway plugged near his/her bed, and a mobile device App, the SafeWander™ system sends a beeping alert to your mobile device as soon as the sensor detects your patient getting up.

The SafeWander™ System requires that you have an Apple mobile device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) with iOS 8.1 or newer and strong WiFi in your home/facility. Android mobile devices will be supported in January 2016.

Features and Benefits That Matter

SafeWander-monitor-room SafeWander-underwear SafeWander-multiple-monitor SafeWader-alert
Long range monitor from anywhere. Securely attach to any clothing with OneTwist™ Monitor multiple people with one mobile device. Alert does not frighten your loved ones or others.
 setup SafeWander-chart SafeWander-no-chargin SafeWander-portable
Easy to set up and simple to operate Bed-exit history helps to adjust medication & improve care. No charging required, long-life replaceable battery. Tiny, light, portable. Take it with you when you travel.

Available in One Startup Kit for $249

Includes free standard shipping and a free download of the SafeWander™ App on the Apple App Store. Android mobile devices will be supported in January 2016.

Order Now!

6Beds members receive a 20% discount.

SafeWander™ App Button Sensor Gateway
safewander-app safewander-sensor-button safewander-gateway
Our user-friendly App allows you to monitor one or multiple patients from your Apple mobile device. Securely attached to clothes through our patent-pending method, our Button monitors body position. Plugged into an outlet next to his/her bed, our Gateway lets you monitor your patient from almost anywhere.

Click Below to See Recognitions

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  • White House
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  • NBC Nightly New
  • Scientific American
  • Google Science Fair 2014
  • Meredith Vieira Show
  • Bluetooth
  • Popular Mechanics
  • msnbc
  • WebMD
  • Royal Society of Medicine
  • Business Insider
  • Dementia Society of America

To learn more about SafeWander and its innovative products, visit

One thought on “SafeWander™ Joins 6Beds Affiliates

  1. Ron Simpson

    Use of the SafeWander Button is an outstanding way to provide fall protection for residents in both ARF’s & RCFE’s. I have been using it doing beta testing during its development for the past 2 1/2 years and find it superior, more advanced than the many other commercially available devices used for the same purpose.

    Use of the SafeWander Button is a responsible and very reliable investment in resident protection, and does not require approval from Community Care Licensing. It’s use does, however, demonstrate to CCL licensee’s commitment and investment in quality resident care.

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