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August 1, 2015 – 6Beds 1 Year Anniversary Celebration

August 1, 2015

Marriott Hotel

Grand Ballroom
4700 Airport Plaza Dr.
Long Beach, CA 90808

$65 Donation/person


Angie Marinda (650) 273–2595 •
Olivia Deanda (650) 787–9742 •
Dorie Paniza (650) 799–5722 •
Ines Otbo (562) 842–7539 •

Dear 6Beds Members & Leaders,

Think back to one year ago, just one year since our 6Beds organization was founded, and there was no organization that was the voice of our 6Bed Residential Care industry.  There was no place for legislators to turn to seek an opinion on a particular piece of legislation, no place for DSS/CCL to go for views of  six bed residential care owners and no place for labor, both federal and state to seek cooperation and work together to educate business owners of the complicated requirements of labor law.  NOW THERE IS.  In the forty (40) year history of our industry, this is a first.  There has never been a professional state-wide organization that represented just Residential Care facilities.  HOW DID IT HAPPEN?

How did 6Beds grow in just one year to be recognized by the California legislature and Governor Brown’s administration, become Stakeholders of DSS and DDS  and earn the respect of federal and state labor as the responsible voice of the  Six Bed Residential Care industry for the Elderly, Developmentally Disabled and Mentally Ill?

It happened because all of you supported it with your membership and dozens and dozens of leaders gave their time and worked together unselfishly to educate the legislature, the administration, DSS, DDS and Labor about the unique issues of our industry.  It happened because we hired one of the best  most respected lobbyist teams in Sacramento.  It happened because we hired the number one labor law firm in the world representing only the employer.  It happened through three rallies at the State Capitol, where hundreds of you came from all across the state to demonstrate solidarity.   It happened through participation in DSS stakeholder meetings. It happened through Littler’s professional development of our Compliance Model and labor’s awareness of that.  It happened through leadership meetings with federal and state labor enforcement executives.  It happened through the skilled efforts of our lobbyists arranging meetings with important state senators, assembly members and their key staff, and with the governor’s staff and cabinet member’s key staff and their tireless follow-up for reinforcement.

All of this is something very special, something significant to be proud of and to celebrate, which we will do on August 1, 2015 at the Long Beach Marriott.   For this event we will have a beautiful Commemorative Souvenir Program.   This is your chance to have your facility recognized in this document and show your continued support of what we are achieving together.  Please click here to download the advertisement agreement. We thank you for your support; all we have achieved could not have happened without that!

Most sincerely,
6Beds Board of Directors

Advertisement Agreement (click to download)



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