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6Beds meets with DSS Regional Managers Statewide

6Beds Founder and Director Gina Wasdyke,  and VP George Kutnerian met Regional Managers Wesley Beecham (of Northern California), Pam Gill (of EastBay Delta) and Stacey Ziegler (of Sierra Cascade) in Sacramento, November 14, 2014, at 11 AM. (No representative was available for the San Francisco Coastal Region since it is vacant.)

While at the same time, a similar meeting was also taking place in Woodland Hills where 6Beds Southern California President, Ron Simpson, Ines Otbo, Ofelia Aplicador and Elizabeth Hengstler met with Kit Chan (DSS Regional Manager for North Los Angeles and Central Coast).

Mary Jolls, Program Director of Statewide Adult and Senior Care, and 6Beds Director, Gina Wasdyke, spearheaded these meetings after 6Beds became the DSS Stakeholder on October 21, 2014.  Quarterly meetings will be scheduled on a regular basis between 6Beds leaders and DSS Regional Managers.  This is the beginning of partnership-building and collaboration on different projects and ongoing dialogue between licensees and DSS on how they can improve the system.

Both sides echoed the same goal for these meetings, and that is, to ensure safe and affordable care for California’s frail elderly and adults with developmental disabilities.  6Beds Founder Gina Wasdyke commented that this collaboration is long overdue.

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