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6Beds, Inc. Priority Bills

AB 2926 (Calderon) — Referral agencies for RCFEs: Oppose unless amended.

Enacts disclosure requirements for referral agencies designed to make their practices more transparent to consumers. Since the Bill is sponsored by A Place for Mom, it lacks two important provisions: (1) It does not require disclosures before a referral has already been committed to and (2) It does not allow a recipient of referral services to terminate a contract at any time and use another agency. We asked for those amendments. Bill has passed the Assembly. We will continue to oppose in Senate. Supported by California Assisted Living Association as at least some reform.

AB 1796 (Levine) — Bars hiring of employee until criminal background clearances are received from both CA Department of Justice and FBI: Oppose.

This will cause sometimes significant delay in hiring in some cases. Bill passed the Assembly. We will continue opposing in Senate.

SB 1259 (Hurtado) — Would require Department of Social Services to do report on how to meet the housing and care needs of SSI/SSP recipients: Support. Awaiting action in Senate Appropriations.

SB 1264 (Hurtado) — Extend RCFE emergency and disaster plan requirements to ARFs: Support. Awaiting action in Senate Appropriations.

AB 2024 (Holden) — Increased provider rates for certain DDS vendors to reflect increase in state minimum wage: Support. Defeated by being held on Assembly Appropriations suspense file (budget pressures).