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PIN 20-17-ASC: Temporary Contracts to Increase Bed Capacity Due to Anticipated Surge In COVID-19

PIN_20-17-ASC announces an opportunity for Adult and Senior Care licensees to assist in providing additional beds by entering into contracts to temporarily house COVID-19 positive individuals.

Highlights include:

Preferred facilities are those that are currently empty, have a completely separate structure from any other residents, or contain solely COVID-19 positive residents. Current law does not allow the State to limit the ability of a licensee to include both COVID-19 positive and non-COVID-19 positive residents in the same facility. If the State is unable to locate contracted beds in facilities that would house solely COVID-19 positive residents, the State may contract with other adult and senior care facilities.

Services to be Provided

The contracted licensee will be responsible for providing appropriate housing, staffing, and the required services to meet the individual’s needs while placed in the licensee’s care. The duration of the individual’s stay is currently anticipated to be between 3-30 days. To be eligible for this agreement, if there are any existing residents who are not COVID19 positive in any other parts of the facility, the contracted licensee must physically segregate all individuals placed under this agreement, such as utilizing the entire facility, a separate building, separate floor, or separate wing of the facility. In all cases, the contracted licensee must provide staff that are solely dedicated to the provision of services to the individuals, and under no circumstances allow staff to provide services to, or otherwise interact with, other residents or staff at any facility.

The contractor shall follow and comply with guidance and instructions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), and its local county health departments regarding COVID-19, including guidance related to appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Prior to an individual being placed in, or exiting from, the care of the contracted facility, the needs of the individual will be assessed and coordinated with the individual’s home facility, individual and/or individual’s representative, Ombudsman, and the local health department. CDSS will provide technical assistance for placements. Technical assistance from CDSS will continue throughout the temporary stay and until the resident’s return to their home facility, or alternative arrangements are made. The home facility will hold the resident’s bed for the resident once clearance is obtained from the local health department or the resident’s healthcare provider.

Reimbursement Rate

CDSS will pay licensees who enter into these contracts (“Contractor”) to temporarily house COVID-19 positive individuals in the following manner:

  • For facilities licensed for six or fewer beds:
    • The Contractor will be paid a daily all-inclusive rate of $1,000 from the date the first resident is placed under a State contract, in recognition of the need to fully staff the facility.
    • The applicable daily rate will continue beyond the initial 15 days so long as residents continue to be placed and remain in the facility under the terms of the State contract.
  • For facilities licensed for more than six beds, please indicate your interest via the survey below and CDSS will contact you. These payment rates do not apply to Adult Residential Facilities for Persons with Special Health Care Needs (ARFPSHNs), Adult Residential Facilities (ARFs), or Adult Day Programs (ADPs), which contract with the California Department of Developmental Services. Those facilities should continue to follow guidelines set forth by the California Department of Developmental Services.

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