6Beds delivers meal packs to Seton Medical Center for front line staff
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6Beds Delivers Meal Packs to Seton Medical Center for Front Line Staff

To express their highest recognition and deepest appreciation for their selfless dedication in the performance of their sworn duty, officers of 6Beds Inc. prepared delivered and turned over food packs for the so-called front line staff in the fight against coronavirus COVID-19 at Seton Medical Center in Daly City.

Realizing the extent of sacrifice of those directly in the line of fire in the fight against the virus, 6Beds led by its Northern California President and Daly City Commissioner Dory Paniza, Olivia de Anda and Ethel Gumban delivered 150 meal packs that were readied by the Pampanga restaurant also in Daly City for the hardworking Seton staff on duty.

The trio were gladly met and welcomed by Karen Lau of Seton Medical Center Food and Nutrition Department that is in charge of distributing donated food packs to all the healthcare workers on duty.

6Beds delivers meal packs to Seton Medical Center for front line staff

6Beds officials Olivia de Anda, Dory Paniza and Ethel Gumban unload the meals to be given Seton Medical Center staff.

“We really appreciate this. Thank you so much. It is so kind of you to do this for our community,” Lau expressed elation. “It is really awesome to see everybody coming in helping out and it heartening to know is thinking about the health workers in the frontlines. It is heartwarming to see all these even if there is coronavirus, there is something good coming out of it as well.”

Lau shared that Seton Medical Center has around 500 health workers – doctors, nurses, food service, security, lab technicians, maintenance, to name some —  in any given day divided into different shifts half of whom are Filipinos.

“We have a lot of vendors coming as often as three times a day to lend their support. And those in the frontlines like the nurses are very appreciative of whatever is shared no matter how big or small it is. It will somehow ease the burden they have in the performance of their duties   Daly City may be a small City but it does so much for everybody. The food you shared is like nursing of the soul,” Lau underscored.

6Beds delivers meal packs to Seton Medical Center for front line staff

The meals are formally turned over to Karen Lau (second from left) of Seton Medical Center food and nutrition by 6Beds’ Olivia de Anda (extreme left), Dory Paniza and Ethel Gumban (third and fourth from left).

Paniza reminded that they have always been very supportive of Seton Medical Center especially when it was threatened with closure.

“Our mission is for the elderly which is my advocacy. We need to take care of the front liners because if something happens to our clients, who is going to take care of them but the front liners themselves. You guys take care of our clients, and we take care of you,” Paniza stresses.

Paniza also imparted that she knows how sensitive and scary the jobs of the frontliners are that some doctors, nurses and other staff members are even dying after getting infected themselves.

“Through the food that we brought we showing that sharing is caring as it is all about loving and sharing. We stay at home to be safe but they are out there working hard to save lives. So this is all for sharing our blessings,” Paniza added.

Olivia de Anda, Dory Paniza and Ethel Gumban (left to right) pose for a shot in front of Seton Medical Center in Daly City.

For her part, de Anda extols the front liners total dedication to their job despite the risks they face.

“While many of us are trying to figure out how to stay away from people as much as possible to avoid illness, these frontliners are working so hard in the war against Covid-19,” de Anda emphasized. “On behalf of 6beds, thank you doctors, nurses, other medical and  administrative personnel of Seton Hospital for risking your lives to save others. You are heroes and you deserve this extra dose of appreciation.”  

Gumabn echoed Paniza and de Anda’s appreciation of the efforts that the hospital staff exerts and gives out whenever they report for work.

“I am humbled and blessed to be a part of 6beds organization that’s very active in our community. This is just a simple token of appreciation of hard work of the frontline workers who don’t have time to go out & pick up a hot meal for themselves,” Gumban pointed out.

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