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April 11 – Attend DOL/DLSE Labor Training for ARF & RCFE

Wage and hour non-compliance is a very serious and costly matter that may one day ruin your business and personal finance, regardless of your business’s legal entity.

6Beds DOL/DLSE Labor Training for ARF and RCFE

Ensure the longevity of your care home(s) and the vital services you provide to our communities by learning and correctly applying the labor laws that regulate our industry.

Don’t let this happen to you:

Attend 6Beds’ Joint DOL/DLSE Labor Training on April 11, during 6Beds’ 4th Annual Advocacy Day, on April 11th at the California Chamber of Commerce in Sacramento, at the Esquire Plaza

Registration is from 7AM – 8AM. Main event is from 8AM – 5PM.

This labor training is open to all providers. Reserve your seats today as we have almost filled our venue’s 140 seating capacity.

Please note, if you have already reserved your seats for the April 11 Advocacy Day, your seats are already reserved and you do not need to reserve your seats again.


It is not often that we get both the DOL (Federal) and DLSE (State) to present labor training exclusively for residential care facilities. To fully understand the labor laws that govern our daily operations — especially when employing live-ins — a thorough understanding of federal laws that regulate sleep-time credit and off-duty hours along with California’s Industrial Welfare Commision (IWC) Order No.5 is needed.

Field officers from both agencies will present a unified perspective on the federal and state labor codes that regulate the residential care industry. Learn the various caregiver classifications and their respective requirements to legally receive credit for sleep-time hours and other off-duty hours as governed by federal labor laws. Learn the complex California overtime rules and IWC No.5 labor codes to help you properly schedule staffing and provide correct payment of hourly wages.