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Provider Profile: The Wizard of Docs

Life need not be a docu-drama when you’ve got DocuWhiz. ‘Just whiz through your documentation needs’… so you don’t have to care for your data as much as your patients

Life need not be a docu-drama when you’ve got DocuWhiz. “You just whiz through your documentation needs.” It’s an intuitive system, so you don’t have to care for your data as much as your patients.

CEO and co-founder Dora Valentin says, “DocuWhiz doesn’t provide documents. DocuWhiz allows care homes to document. When a resident has a fall, develops a wound, has an episode of anxiety or aggression, when his appetite changes or when he simply catches cold, a care giver needs to document these incidents to chart what happens to the resident.”

“To document all these things takes time and DocuWhiz makes it simple. Additionally, DocuWhiz give care givers a simple to-do list created by the manager – an important risk management tool that gives proof of service rendered.”

Valentin and CTO and co-founder Michael Mundt developed DocuWhiz – a software as a service (SaaS) cloud-based software “with great flexibility in mind.” Valentin adds, “it is very much customizable for 6Beds.”

DocuWhiz is just perfect for 6Beds.

Some of their big-name competitors like the long-term care cloud-based platform PointClickCare and the long-term post-acute care system MatrixCare were created for facilities with skilled nursing staff.

Since billing and Electronic Health Record is now required by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, document solution systems for care homes became complicated and way too expensive especially for non-medical, assisted living care provider.

From this came the need for alternative options like the long-term care software AL Advantage which is state-specific and reputedly “easy to use.” Or ResiDex intended for assisted living facilities or group homes. But both are expansive and less user-friendly than DocuWhiz.

Amid a market of expensive, complicated systems, DocuWhiz is like magic. Its pricing option is spelled out right there in their website. They don’t make a production out of demos then set you up for a sales pitch.

DocuWhiz even takes into consideration care givers who use English as a second language to document clearly and concisely.

Valentin says, “DocuWhiz can be used by any non-medical all-inclusive service provider – such as care homes, group homes (residential assisted living), assisted living facilities, adult day cares, PCA/visiting care providers.”

Aside from California, they have clients in Nevada and Arizona.

DocuWhiz is a stand-alone company that got its start just about a year ago. But Valentin’s extensive experience in managing residential facilities was gained from California, Arizona, Wisconsin and Nevada. In 2017, she won Best Home of the Year from her local association. She manages Ace Care Home and is administrator in several other facilities.

She says DocuWhiz was recommended by insurance agents to work with 6Beds. They offer 10 percent off liability insurance costs to use DocuWhiz. (Harvey I. Barkin)