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Unless There is a Shift To Compliance, The Labor Audits Will Continue

Are you prepared for a labor audit? Do you have the right agreements in place? Are you paying for all hours worked? Are your employees filling out time sheets accurately? Are you utilizing the most cost effective staffing model while remaining compliant with both federal and California labor laws?

If you answered “NO” to any of the above questions or are not sure, then please don’t wait. Register for 6Beds’ upcoming August 1st, labor compliance training session where we will unveil the latest state-of-the-art Wage and Hour Guide for Residential Care Facilities in California. This online toolkit is over 40 pages in length and is co-authored by Littler attorneys Alecia W. Winfield, Tammy D. McCutchen (former U.S. Wage & Hour Administrator), and Ashley J. Brick. The Guide will be presented by Littler.

Register for this live, compliance training session and/or just reserve your access to the Guide now, by visiting our Eventbrite event registration page:

This online toolkit provides a detailed and up-to-date summary of federal and California law to help residential care facilities keep track of and comply with complex wage-and-hour regulations. Residential care facilities have been under increased scrutiny in recent years, particularly in the area of wage and hour compliance. To complicate matters, federal and state laws and regulations continue to evolve at breakneck speed. This toolkit provides:

  1. detailed guidelines that keep pace with these legislative, regulatory, and judicial developments, and
  2. includes answers to Frequently Asked Questions as well as
  3. state-of-the-art sample forms and agreements to help residential care facilities remain in compliance with the ever-changing nature of wage and hour law.

To date, 6Beds has been working diligently with the State of California to change labor laws that negatively impact our industry and later aims to do the same with federal labor laws. But until 6Beds’ legislative efforts succeed, the residential care industry must strive to comply with both federal and state labor laws. In time, as more residential care facilities maintain compliance with these complex laws, it is our understanding that the rampant audits and lawsuits will diminish significantly.

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Wage and Hour Guide and Sample Agreements for Residential Care Facilities: Compliance with Federal and California Wage and Hour Laws

The Wage and Hour Guide and Sample Agreements for Residential Care Facilities will be available on August 1, 2015, for a one-time investment of $950 to 6Beds members, only. All future updates will be provided — free of charge — to all current standing members.

6Beds’ Board of Directors deliberated the value of this document — along with a complimentary training session — based on the cost (both time and money) spent by various legal experts at Littler Mendelson and select 6Beds officers.  For those members who believe they should get this guide for free, the Board has determined that $950 is a very reasonable and fair price, considering that many in our profession have paid over $5,000 to $10,000 to have attorneys prepare a 24-Hour Caregiver Live-In Agreement — which nowhere nears the extensive research and industry-customization Littler has invested in producing our latest labor compliance guide. That being said, 6Beds’ Wage and Hour Guide and Sample Agreements for Residential Care Facilities will be the new state of the art standard for California’s residential care industry, to come. It is authored and backed by the world’s top labor law firm, designed specifically for residential care facilities.

We understand that $950 is not a trivial sum. However, no one in our profession can obtain such in-depth and industry-relevant legal guidelines and sample agreements (along with annual updates) from an attorney at that price. This is a small investment considering the value it affords in significantly lowering the risk from a costly random audit,  complaint-based audit or labor-related lawsuit.

In time, as more residential care facilities use this guideline and maintain compliance with federal and California labor laws, it is our understanding that the rampant audits and lawsuits will diminish significantly.