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Introducing 6Beds Vendor Connect

Dear Respected Colleague,

I’m very pleased to tell you that 6Beds, Inc. is entering into an exciting new chapter in the life of our organization. Through the hard work of all of our associates and our dedicated Board of Directors, we are launching an outreach program called Vendor Connect (VC), to attract leaders within the business and the private sector to join our association. This alliance—6Beds VC—will make our organization:

  • stronger than it has ever been,
  • give us greater buying power than ever before, and
  • ultimately give us the scope that we need as business owners to maximize not only our ability to help our community, but to enhance our financial potential.

The situation before us is simple:

  • We are stronger united.
  • We are better business people when we can communicate with each other more often and more efficiently.

So, beginning tomorrow, we are going to begin publishing a series of 6Beds VC articles that will help us attract not only more business, but will increase our buying power with the vendors, professional organizations and trades people that our growing businesses need to access every day.

I’m inviting each and every one of you—our most valuable assets—to participate in this outreach by providing us with information: tell us YOUR story; tell us who we should be talking to; who we should be buying from; who we can recommend to our membership. These testimonials, based on our personal experiences, will make our jobs and our businesses more efficient, provide us with better resources and make the lives of our residents better as they enter into the most important period of their lives.

Because this is what our new effort is all about: our residents. They rely on us for so many critical issues that we owe it to them to always provide the very best of care that we can. Our vendor associates can and will become our most valuable allies. Together we make each other stronger. Together our power to change lives multiplies.

We know that we can count on you. Read the articles that will be published in the 6Beds blog over the course of the next few weeks. Together, we can change the residential care communities.


Jack Rein
Director of Marketing
(714) 335 – 0351

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