The editors of The Voice—6Beds, Inc.’s, newsletter—are conducting a survey regarding the new law (AB 1523) which mandates Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs) to purchase liability insurance in the amount of $1 million per incident and $3 million total annual aggregate coverage by July 1, 2015.

We have been asked by 6Beds’ attorneys to gather specific information of what is happening in the field to help them challenge this law.

Challenging this law is very important, as we are hearing that many licensees are not able to get liability insurance, are being dropped, or being given lesser limits to the liability. We NEED your help and information to effectively challenge this law. Please take the time and share your experience with us.

We need the facts and details. It must be your experience, not something you heard happened to someone else.

This survey is 100% anonymous, so please feel confident and comfortable with your responses.

Thank you for taking this survey.

13 thoughts on “AB 1523 – Liability Insurance Survey

  1. Lacy Faddoul

    I like having my insurance this is not a problem for me but I also have never had a claim thankfully as I’m sure the circumstances for insurance change.

  2. Bradley Hamilton

    Between min wage, wrk comp, food costs, and utility increases, it is getting more difficult to stay solvent. Liability insurance requirements is one more nail in the closed door.

  3. Angie marinda

    Assisted living who owns 2,3,4 facilities will survive in this business but not the small operators who only have one home to offer and yet doing the same amount of work as the big assisted living. It is so unfair that the government continue to punish small owners with workers comp and liability insurance which is impossible to achieve. What happened to the legislators when we asked to do the math? I am A sole proprietor since 1999 and I’m afraid that I will soon be closing down my home with all this regulations. If there’s ever a big demand to sue the government please count me in.

  4. When I started the business,I was not aware about all the financial responsibitities an owner has to encumber.
    It was difficult through the years, its like” robbing Peter to pay Paul ” ,there was no option but to do this.
    It will be of great help to the future operators to be made aware of all this prior to..

  5. Normita batalla

    How can we afford to have worker’s comp and liability insurance if running one care home with 6 beds. I have two SSI, not even full. Mostly my facility is running by family..might close instead of having so much burden and yet not making enough.

  6. Flora

    You are right
    Not only that we don’t sleep with all the new laws
    We don’t make the money to pay for all this
    They want us to fail and close at the end they will lose their jobs
    Homes health just like us

  7. cleo p james

    At the end, it will be the residents who will pay for all these, the very people they are trying to protect.

  8. Michael Clayton

    These are things that are needed for the protection of our employees (workers comp) and our own financial well being (liability insurance). It has come to my attention that most facilities have been breaking the law by not carrying workers comp. insurance. For those of us who have been doing things legally, this will at least even the field. Yes it will be tough on all of us, but we should have been doing something when these bills were being considered in Sacramento.

  9. andrew greening

    truly, this is a watershed moment for the six bed community!! If we cannot get a moratorium on crippling labor audits or receive consideration for reduced insurance costs, we , the six bed community, are surely doomed……Our demise will create a cavernous hole in the elder care business, leaving far fewer care options for needy seniors…can anyone hear us?? We provide a crucial service in our communities yet it seems we are systematically being eliminated!! Does anyone care??? Andy G.

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