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Dear Fellow Residential Care Provider,

You are no longer powerless against shortsighted and unfair laws that serve to undermine the financial and legal foundation of your care home. You no longer stand alone against powerful government agencies and special interest groups who are indifferent to your care home’s financial viability and operational overhead. You are no longer an insignificant player in the vast and complex political landscape of California’s residential care industry.

For the first time in California’s history — with the inception of 6Beds, Inc. you are now officially represented and seated as a stakeholder in our industry’s top governing agencies — DSS, DDS and DOL. No longer will lawmakers, government agencies or special interest groups propose new laws that impact your care home without our review and input. This is a game changer for us all! Proposed laws that negatively affect our care homes will be fought aggressively to be amended or defeated to protect our industry, as we have already done successfully in 2014 and 2015. Vice-versa, we can now effectively propose new laws (bills) to positively affect our industry—such as SB 1245 (codifying sleep credit so that bona fide sleeping hours need not be paid)—or amend current ones to mitigate their negative impact, such as AB 2044 (CPR certified caregivers as viable substitutes for 24-hour on-site Administrator requirement) and AB 1387 (removal of cumbersome complainant appeal process while helping pass important licensee appeal reforms).

In solidarity with many of your colleagues—representing almost 2,000 care homes (RCFEs and ARFs) and growing—we have become a vocal and strong political force with the influence and credibility necessary to shape the laws that govern our industry. This is a first in our industry’s history.

How is this made possible?

6Beds is founded and operated by and for care home owners, such as yourself. Our leadership is comprised of some our industry’s leading care providers — well respected in the political arena and by many of our community leaders. We are hardworking care providers — very much like you — with advanced degrees in medicine, nursing, healthcare, law, business and academia. But most importantly, we share and embody your legal and financial plight against unfair laws and the laws’ unsympathetic and, often times, brazen enforcement. In short, your fight is our fight. Our victories are your victories!

Moreover, 6Beds leadership is aided and guided by influential lobbyists (Robert Naylor and Roxanne Gould), our nation’s leading labor law firm (Littler Mendelson) and by various well-seasoned professionals whose countless and immeasurable contributions have and continue to help open doors, create opportunities, and help wield 6Beds’ political might. 6Beds, in conjunction with Littler, has also co-authored our industry’s very first and only Wage and Hour Guide for the Residential Care Facilities, to help you navigate and avoid the increased employer liabilities associated with SB 588, which took effect January 1, 2016. In the process, 6Beds has established an unprecedented mutually respectful, working relationship with both DLSE and DOL — bringing together both agencies, for the first time, to offer the residential care industry joint training on state and federal labor laws.

6Beds’ success — your success — is due in large part, to our strong and growing membership base — comprised of you and your colleagues — whose membership dues help fund our 365-day per year lobbying and advocacy efforts. Your membership strengthens our numbers, which thereby strengthens our political influence and the effectiveness of our advocacy.

As care home owners we have a common cause. United, we stand strong to achieve the best for our industry and for our residents — our community. Apart, we are left to fend for ourselves and are defenseless against powerful forces who wish to dismantle and take over the vital services offered by our care homes.

6Beds is your eyes and ears in Sacramento, advocating on your behalf on a daily basis so that you can focus on what matters most—providing care for your residents and running your business.

That said, we urge you in the strongest possible sense, to join us now or renew your membership today. Be a part of 6Beds; stand steadfast with your colleagues to ensure that 6Beds’— our — unprecedented political influence continues to grow so that it can safeguard and advocate for our collective livelihood and our residents’ care. New bills are constantly proposed and current laws amended. We need to stay ahead of these bills and proposals in order to avoid negative impacts to our industry.

Not convinced?

Consider the alternative. Without 6Beds, there is no one organization more invested, more in tune and more qualified — with growing political and social influence — to protect and effectively advocate for our industry. No one. As you can see, your membership — while optional — is crucial to the preservation and advancement of our residential care industry. On the contrary, apathy and indifference may very well seal its demise.

So please, join us now or renew your membership today so that together we may continue to help all of us.

Still not convinced?

Click to read, 6 Reasons to Join or Renew your 6Beds Membership.

With sincere respect,

6Beds Board of Directors
Gina Wasdyke, MBA
Founder, Director, RCFE & ARF Operator
Ronald Simpson, MBA, PhD
SoCal President, Director, RCFE Operator
Bruce Winstead, Esq
Director, RCFE Operator
George Kutnerian, MBA, M.S.
Director, RCFE Operator