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6Beds Invited By CCL To Sacramento To Provide Input On Its Upcoming RCFE Medication Management Best Practices Guide

DSS’ Community Care Licensing (CCL) recently provided 6Beds with a confidential advance draft copy of its upcoming RCFE medication management best practices guide for RCFEs.  CCL has asked 6Beds to review the draft copy of the guide and to attend a stakeholder meeting it’s hosting in Sacramento on Wednesday March 2, 2016 for the purpose of providing input and improving upon the medication management guide’s contents.

Stay tuned for another update after the Wednesday March 2, 2016 meeting.

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6Beds, Inc., will be a Key Participant on December 2, DSS Meeting Regarding Changing Landscape of Residential Care

Newly appointed Deputy Director, Pamela Dickfoss of DSS, opens the previously closed doors of DSS to 6Beds, Inc.—a small homes advocacy group and the only RCFE and ARF stakeholder in DSS.

6Beds, Inc., will join DSS and other key organizations on December 2, to discuss and plan for the changing landscape of Assisted Living/Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly in California at the DSS Sacramento Office.

Pam Dickfoss oversees the activities of the Adult and Senior Care, Children’s Residential, and Child Care Programs, as well as the Technical Assistance and Policy, Continuing Care Contracts, Central Operations and Investigations Branches.

Ms. Dickfoss previously served as the Assistant Deputy Director at the Department of Public Health.

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6Beds and Littler Strategic Planning on Labor & Employment Issues starts November 19

The 6Beds Team

Board of Directors
Gina Wasdyke, MBA – Founder (Sacramento)
Joy De La Torre, RN – Co-Founder (SF Bay Area)
Ron Simpson, MBA, PhD – President of Southern California Region
Janet Valencia, RN – President of Northern California Region

6Beds Lead Legislative Members
George Kutnerian, MBA (Central Valley)
Atty. Bruce Winstead (Southern California)
Atty. Maria Garfinkle (East Bay)

These 6Beds leaders represent a truly interdisciplinary group. Our group is comprised of attorneys, Ph.Ds, MBAs, nurses, and holders of other advanced degrees. While we are an interdisciplinary group from an educational standpoint, the common denominator is that we’re all top flight operators of RCFEs and ARFs who have a passion for taking care of the frail elderly and developmentally disabled.

We’re excited about what 6Beds and Littler can accomplish together!