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SafeWander™ is the world’s first wearable sensor that sends an alert to a caregiver’s mobile device when a loved one or a patient gets up from a bed or chair, even if the caregiver is far away.

Started from one teen’s dream to keep his grandfather safe. Watch our story below.

With OneTwist™, the button is securely attached to any clothing. SafeWander empowers you to monitor the safety of wandering and/or fall-risk individuals, so you can rest assured.


Consisting of a tiny Button Sensor worn by your patient, a Gateway plugged near his/her bed, and a mobile device App, the SafeWander™ system sends a beeping alert to your mobile device as soon as the sensor detects your patient getting up.

The SafeWander™ System requires that you have an Apple mobile device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) with iOS 8.1 or newer and strong WiFi in your home/facility. Android mobile devices will be supported in January 2016.

Features and Benefits That Matter

SafeWander-monitor-room SafeWander-underwear SafeWander-multiple-monitor SafeWader-alert SafeWander-chart SafeWander-no-chargin SafeWander-portable
Long range monitor from anywhere. Securely attach to any clothing with OneTwist™ Monitor multiple people with one mobile device. Alert does not frighten your loved ones or others. Bed-exit history helps to adjust medication & improve care. No charging required, long-life replaceable battery. Tiny, light, portable. Take it with you when you travel.

Available in One Startup Kit for $249

Includes free standard shipping and a free download of the SafeWander™ App on the Apple App Store for Apple mobile devices and Google Play for Andriod mobile devices.

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SafeWander™ App Button Sensor Gateway
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Our user-friendly App allows you to monitor one or multiple patients from your Apple mobile device. Securely attached to clothes through our patent-pending method, our Button monitors body position. Plugged into an outlet next to his/her bed, our Gateway lets you monitor your patient from almost anywhere.

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