Since 2014, We have been working hard to improve residential care for Californians in need, and your support is essential to the success of our mission.  View our legislative achievements.

We have 15,000 blog followers on the 6Beds.org site, and regularly publish updates about our work, relevant issues, events, new legislation, and vendor information. We also have over 3,000 email list subscribers, and some of them are multiple facility owners. Additionally, the events we organize throughout the year are consistently at full capacity, and we host a minimum of 4 per year. Approximately 95% of the attendees are decision makers, and many are facility owners as well.

By joining with us to help those in need, you gain greater exposure so our members can get to know you and your products and services better. Collaboration is the key to success for all of us, and we appreciate your participation!

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Are membership dues tax deductible?

6Beds membership  dues are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. However, they may be partially deductible as business expenses. 6Beds estimates that 36% of your dues are not deductible due to 6Beds’s lobbying activities on your behalf.