Are you curious about what 6Beds, Inc. is all about? Are you a member and looking to be updated on 6Beds’ accomplishments? Are you considering becoming a member of 6Beds, Inc. but don’t know what it’s really all about?

Well, The Voice is here to help! The goal of this newsletter is to inform, serve and engage you in dialogue. We have called it The Voice because it is the medium in which we hope to create two way communication between licensees and 6beds, Inc. We want to hear your voice.

The Voice is your voice in the 6Beds RCFE/ARF community. It is the newsletter that will keep you up to date on the industry; including new legislation; our meetings with Department of Social Services and Department of Developmental Services; meetings with Department of Labor; best practices for your business; member profiles to learn about other members, and your opportunity to contribute by telling us your concerns, priorities and experiences and what you want to hear about regarding 6Beds, Inc.

We hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing your voice in what you’d like in upcoming issues of The Voice. Happy reading!

Elayne Carver & Trish Beach
Editors of The Voice