All care home owners, please take this very important survey to determine:

  1. how many care homes are serving residents who receive Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Payment (SSI/SSP) and
  2. where they are located.

We will use the survey results to support our position for 6Beds’ upcoming meeting with the Secretary of Labor, key legislators and with the Governor.

Please take this survey for each of your care home facility. After you submit your response for the current facility, please click on the link, “Submit another response”, to re-take this survey for each of your subsequent facility.


13 thoughts on “SSI/SSP Residents Survey

  1. Richard Chinchilla

    We are barely making it.
    Seriously considering
    Closing. We are not making enough to cover salary, Rent and Food as well as lic fees,

  2. Araceli Aguilar

    I’m seriously thinking of closing, it’s not worth my stress & sanity.
    God help our Elderly!
    who will accept them if everybody raise the board & care fee?

  3. Stewart Bradberry

    I am an ARF and have 6 beds and only 5 are full. I am breaking even with 5 and sometime have to use savings for unexpected costs. I have no retirement in sight and financially hemorrhaging slowly but surely. Going to a 4 bed facility would be devastating. I see people on the streets who lost everything in the recent housing market crisis and fear everyday that I am next thanks to this new 4 bed requirement.

  4. I have been taking care of our elderly since 1997 as a caregiver. I opened my own RCFE in 2003 & have been paying taxes. I don’t want to close my care home but because of interrogation & disruption of DOL, I am highly might have no choice but to close. The stress that we are suffering right now is so high that I might as well close my facility. In the end, it’s our residents that suffer. Please look @ the bigger picture in this scenario, our ELDERLY are the one that suffers .

  5. Lucy

    For fifteen yrs. running our elderly facility my husband need to work other job to supplement our expenses especially our medical insurance.

  6. Fabiana

    Most of the time we are spending more that we are paid in order to give our clients the life they deserve.Same on the ones holding back what our folks deserve.

  7. Evelyn Samson

    Our facilities are barely making it. I started my operation when my kids were still in school. Now that they are all done and left the house I have to hire employees to be care providers. With the increase of salary and insurance (all different kinds of insurance) and not having any increase of collectibles, it is difficult to upkeep the operation.

  8. Aida Briones

    I have a 6 bed, but after all the bills are paid, I only come out even. If I have to pay 3 shifts plus the liability insurance, I have no choice but to close down.

  9. pearl

    I am with high hopes that lawmakers see the value and the need of our services and fear without us the elderly will be without.

  10. We have been in business for eight years providing loving care to our residents. It’s a mission of my wife and mine after caring for my mom and dad before their passing. I work a full time job outside of the business just to make ends meet. If treated the same as others have by the DOL, then we would likely shut down.

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