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Dues for 6Beds membership are $600 per each year. 

There are various ways that yearly dues can be paid (PayPal, check or credit card). For your convenience, you may choose from the following PayPal automatic payment options below:

1 Payment: btn_subscribe_SM $600 / Year

2 Payments: btn_subscribe_SM $300 / Semi-Annual

4 Payments: btn_subscribe_SM $150 / Quarter

12 Payments: btn_subscribe_SM $50 / Month

PayPal payments will be recurring based on the interval you choose above and will remain in effect until you cancel it. Please note, however, membership fees are non-refundable and PayPal payments are to continue until the yearly $600 has been remitted.

6Beds, Inc., is a Mutual Benefit NON-PROFIT Corporation. Part of the membership fee is tax deductible (consult with your tax advisor).

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